The Occupational Health appointment

Occupational Health advice line

Phone 023 8062 6600

The line is available 8am to 4pm weekdays.

The purpose of an Occupational Health appointment is to carry out a full assessment of the referred individual. A physical examination is not usually required.

This assessment is conducted by a member of the Occupational Health Clinical team who are all qualified nurses or doctors.

After the appointment, the clinician will produce a quality Occupational Health report. The aim of the report is to enable you to:

  • make informed decisions
  • take action
  • achieve an appropriate outcome

During the Occupational Health appointment, the clinician will discuss the referral with the individual. An assessment will be undertaken which includes physical, psychological, social and work factors. This assessment is undertaken using an evidence-based approach.

The Occupational Health Clinician will discuss with the individual what they plan to write in the report. The Occupational Health Clinician will ask for informed consent from the individual to share the report with the referring manager and with EPS. This is in accordance with legal and ethical guidance from professional bodies.

If the individual does not attend their Occupational Health appointment, you will be notified on the same day. This is to allow you an opportunity to check on the individual’s welfare and discuss non-attendance. When you talk to the individual you should to ask them to:

  • discuss why they didn’t attend
  • try and resolve any questions or concerns that they may have
  • determine whether you wish to proceed with the referral
  • let them know that you want to have expert Occupational Health advice before making any management decisions or taking action
  • that failure to attend the Occupational Health appointment will not stop or delay you taking management decisions or taking action to manage the capability or attendance issue
  • ask them to contact the Occupational Health team to confirm the reason for non-attendance
  • arrange another appointment if this is still required.

Occupational Health Appointment Line

Phone 023 8062 6600

The line is available 8am to 4pm weekdays.

The team will then advise you of the new appointment date and time. The Occupational Health Team will only accommodate non-attendance up to a maximum of 2 missed appointments. Thereafter the case will be closed, and the referral will have to be reopened, if required. When a referral is reopened, the OH nurse will confirm whether they are able to rely on the previous referral or require you to submit a new one. Generally, if the referral was made recently and the circumstances haven’t changed, then Occupational Health can rely on the previous referral form.

Where an individual does not attend an appointment on more than one occasion without good reason, the manager should consider taking HR advice on what reasonable actions they could consider taking. Persistent failure to attend appointments should not delay managers in taking reasonable action with regard to the management of an individual’s attendance or capability issue/s. In such circumstances, managers are encouraged to seek HR advice.