HCC Corporate network

If you’re an HCC employee wanting to connect to the HCC Corporate network, follow the Hampshire County Council wireless instructions.

HCC Guest

Connect to HCC Guest wireless network If you do not have a Corporate account or a member of the public.

Using your device, search for a wireless network and select HCC Guest.

An HCC Guest WiFi access page will open in a browser. If this doesn't happen, open a browser page and it will open.

guest login

Select Hantsweb Account or any of the social media accounts listed and follow the on screen instructions.

If you don't have one of the above accounts then see Step 4 to create a temporary account for 7 day access.

If you do not have a Hantsweb or Social Media account, register for 7 days access and then you will be able to create a Hantsweb or Social Media account for future use.

Register for 7 day access

Create a temporary account by selecting Register for 7 day access.


Enter your details, confirm you accept the terms of use and select Register.

guest wifi details

You will be sent an email and text message with your password.

Enter your Username and Password, accept Terms of Use and select Log in.

If you lose the log in page while getting your password, open a browser page and the log in page will open.

If an authentication or certificate pop up appears with wirelessauthentication.hants.gov.uk please accept.

If you are connecting via a laptop and you are asked to set a network location, select Work Network.

You are now connected to HCC Guest Wireless.

If you do not have a mobile phone, then use a device that has already connected to the internet to access the page where you can set up an account. Then use the Hantsweb account to connect to the HCC Guest Wi-Fi. Once you register you can use these details every time to connect to the HCC Guest Wi-Fi.
Reconnecting to HCC Guest

If you lose your connection during the same day you registered for 7 day access and you are directed back to the HCC Guest WiFi access page, use the Reconnect to HCC Guest button to log back on.