Hantsnet devices

Before you start

When you order a Hantsnet Laptop or a Hantsnet Mobile device it will be enabled for wireless use.

Hantsnet Wireless provides a secure, direct connection into the Hampshire County Council network through Hantsnet Wireless Hotspots. Hotspots can be found in several Hampshire County Council offices, but if you don’t have a Hotspot nearby, you can order one. See the Service Catalogue for details.

Once you’ve logged into Hantsnet Wireless, you can use Hantsnet just like you would at any Hantsnet PC or Terminal. When you finish your Hantsnet session, just log off as normal.

Before you can log in using Hantsnet Wireless, you will need to make sure that the wireless card in your laptop or device is enabled.

Enabling/Disabling your wireless card

The wireless card will enable your laptop or device, to connect wirelessly to the network.

Older Hantsnet Laptops

On older Hantsnet Laptops you can enable/disable the wireless card by hitting the [Fn]+[F2] keys on the keyboard.

An icon will be displayed in the bottom right of your laptop screen which will show if the wireless card is enabled or disabled (see below for examples).

First time login

IT will set up your laptop or Hantsnet Mobile device and get it ready to connect to Hantsnet Wireless, but because you use your Hantsnet password to log in, they will be unable to set up your log in details.

The first time you use the laptop or Hantsnet Mobile device, it will automatically try to connect to Hantsnet Wireless, you will need to carry out the following steps:

1. If you are using a laptop you will see the following in the bottom right corner of the screen


Click on Employee.hantsnet and the wireless network will ask you to logon

2. The Network Authentication form will be displayed

wireless first login

3. Complete the Network Authentication form as follows:

  • User name - Hantsnet ID (if you are from East Hampshire District Council or Havant Borough Council you need to type in HBC\yourHantsnetID
  • Password - Hantsnet password

4. Click OK

5. A box may appear advising the connection attempt could not be completed, click Connect


6. The wireless network will check that your username and password are correct, if they are you will see this in the bottom right of your screen


7. You’re now connected to Hantsnet Wireless – start Hantsnet or the internet as normal.

If you have any problems signing on, refer to the Troubleshooting guide.

Logging in

If you have logged into Hantsnet Wireless before, follow the steps below to log in (if it's your first time logging into Hantsnet Wireless, see First time log in).

  1. Make sure you are near a Hantsnet Wireless Hotspot
  2. Switch on your laptop or Hantsnet mobile device and enable your wireless card (see the information on enabling your wireless card)
  3. Complete the Enter Credentials form as follows:
    User name - Hantsnet ID (if you are from East Hampshire District Council or Havant Borough Council you need to type in HBC\yourHantsnetID)
    Password - Hantsnet password
    Logon domain > type in IT2000
  4. Click OK.

If you have any problems logging in, see the Troubleshooting guide.

Change password

When you change your Hantsnet password, you will need to change the password setting for your wireless login as well.

  1. The first time you log in to Hantsnet Wireless after changing your Hantsnet password, you will see the Re-enter Credentials form
  2. change password
    In the Password field type in your new Hantsnet password
  3. Click OK.
Log off

There is no need to log off Hantsnet Wireless.

When you shut your laptop down, or when you move outside of the Hotspot area, you will automatically disconnect.

Tip: To save battery power you should disable your wireless card whenever you’re not connected to a wireless network.

Updating HCC laptops

Corporate laptop users must remember:

To periodically bring their laptops to a corporate office to renew their licenses and remain active.

To remain activated each laptop must be brought into a corporate office and connected to a wired connection for at least 3 hours. This needs to be done every 180 days to reactivate the Windows license (if you don't do this, you will get an error message saying “This is not a genuine copy of Windows“). Users can also connect to the licencing server. using the employee.hantsnet wireless network.