Careers in home-to-school transport

School Escorts support and supervise children with special educational needs on their journeys to and from school

Lady beside a minibus

A warm welcome on board the school transport

School Escorts play a key role in enabling children with special educational needs to attend school. We collect children from home and escort them safely all the way to school and home again, by taxi or minibus.

It isn’t just about getting the children from A to B. School escorts use their people skills to engage with children and reassure parents and carers too. We’ll give you all the formal training needed, but it’s having a natural ability to make people smile that will make every journey amazing.

No formal qualifications are needed, just a natural rapport with children and young people, alongside an awareness and understanding of special educational needs.

Five great reasons to work for us

  1. Hugely rewarding roles, working with children with special educational needs

  2. Personal development opportunities through on-going training

  3. We use paid taxis – no need for a car or driving license

  4. We work term time only. Hours are generally 7.30–9.30am and 2.30–4.30pm. The rest of the day is yours

  5. Casual work to begin with, becoming permanent if desired

You get to know the children by their personalities, not their disabilities, and I really love it. It's the best job I’ve ever had, it truly is
Elaine – School Escort