Family support

Work alongside parents and carers to provide support to improve family relationships and prevent breakdown

About the opportunity

Volunteers will work alongside parents and carers to provide support, using family support techniques as outlined in training, visiting families in their home to deliver agreed support to improve family relationships and prevent breakdown.

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Many families encounter difficult and challenging times and many will find ways to deal with their problems, getting the support they need from friends and relatives. There are times, however, when problems can seem too overwhelming to manage without support. Some of the most complex and difficult issues facing families today (including: mental health problems, drug and alcohol issues, domestic abuse, social isolation, learning disabilities), can have a huge impact on the stability of family life, and may have a significant impact on the health, wellbeing and development of all family members. Hampshire Children’s Services feel that families facing these difficulties should have the support they need to become stronger, happier and healthier. With the right kind of support, families can overcome their difficulties.

Volunteers will visit families in their homes or other local settings to build up on-going relationships. They may also support and facilitate families to attend appointments and meetings as needed.  The amount of support each family requires will vary depending upon their needs. Volunteers will need to be able to commit to a weekly visit and be able to offer ongoing support to the family. The amount and timing of support will be discussed and agreed at the initial matching stage.


Volunteers will receive a full training program on how to deliver support which will equip them to provide guidance and advice. Volunteers will also have access to Volunteer Coordinators, who will provide guidance, advice, and supervision whilst they deliver their volunteering activities.

Volunteer responsibilities

As a volunteer I will:

  • work with the volunteer coordinator to agree a match to families.
  • attend an introduction meeting with the family and the families allocated Children’s Services worker
  • engage with the family
  • discuss and agree information sharing with the parent/carers.
  • record and share information as agreed
  • may work with more than one family at a time (depending upon the time I am able to offer)

Organisation responsibilities

As an organisation we will:

  • offer training relative to role (4 days)
  • include you in the matching process for the family
  • provide you with ongoing, high quality and timely support.
  • pay mileage expenses at 45p/ mile (mileage expenses can only be paid on evidence that you have business insurance and an MOT)


You will need to commit to regular, weekly visits on a long-term basis.

Opportunities are available on weekdays 9am to midday and midday to 6pm.

Skills and experience

Training and support will be provided therefore previous experience is not essential. We are seeking volunteers who feel able to:

  • communicate and ensure people, with varied levels of ability, understand information
  • build and maintain positive, on-going relationships with parents/carers
  • listen and remain calm and impartial when dealing with families
  • support parents to find solutions relating to behaviour management, home conditions, routines, organisation and other issues identified
  • record information
  • respect differing views of individuals and work in a non judgemental way
  • respect confidentiality and the agreed information sharing process
  • have the confidence to report concerns to their Volunteer Coordinator
  • be able to describe their role and maintain professional boundaries

How to apply

Please email [email protected] and we can provide you with an application form.


This volunteering opportunity is subject to an application form, interview, 2 references, an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check, driving license, MOT and insurance and satisfactory completion of required training.