Independent Visitor

About the opportunity

To be an Independent Visitor (IV) is to be a trusted adult to a child or young person in care, where it is thought that this will be in their best interests to provide opportunities for children and young people to develop meaningful, long term relationships with adults.

The IV volunteer scheme is a statutory service for children who are ‘looked after’ by the local authority. It is for those children who would benefit from having an IV in their life. This scheme is voluntary for the young person, which means that they can choose to have an IV at any time from age 8 years old. Up until they turn 21.

IV’s need to be consistent and reliable, so that children can build a trusting, positive relationship with them over time. The child will have the opportunity to try new activities and spend time with their IV away from their placement.

The IV will endeavour to become and remain a consistent adult in the child’s life, who does not change when placements or social workers do.

IVs begin by supporting the young person fortnightly for the first 3 months, and then continue on a monthly basis. IVs can meet with young people Monday to Sunday between 9am and 8pm.

The volunteer will:

  • Attend training sessions
  • Work with the Volunteer Coordinator to agree a match with a child/young person.
  • Attend an initial meeting with the child/ young person to agree the ongoing support
  • Meet with the child/young person and deliver the ongoing support agreed
  • To keep and submit brief records about your contact/visits with the child/young person you are matched with
  • Endeavor to provide support for a minimum of a year
  • Attend regular supervision/ support session
  • Commit to monthly visits on a long-term basis

The organisation will:

  • Offer training relevant to the role
  • Provide you with ongoing, high quality and timely support
  • Pay mileage expenses at 45p per mile plus any additional expenses that may be incurred (mileage expenses can only be paid on evidence of business insurance and a valid MOT)

Skills & experience

Training and support will be provided therefore previous experience is not essential. We are seeking volunteers who feel able to:

  • communicate and ensure people, with varied levels of ability, understand information
  • listen and remain calm and impartial when dealing with families
  • record information
  • respect differing views of individuals and work in a non judgmental way
  • respect confidentiality and the agreed information sharing process
  • have the confidence to report concerns to their Volunteer Coordinator
  • be able to describe their role and maintain professional boundaries

How to apply

Please email [email protected] and we can provide you with an application form.

You will be asked to complete an application form and attend an interview

References are required

Disclosure and barring service check

Satisfactory completion of training