Missing children - return interviews

About the opportunity

Contact and arrange interviews with children and young people who return from being missing within 72 hours of their return. Interviews may take place at the child’s home, foster care address, residential care setting or other agreed local venue.

When a Hampshire child or young person goes missing, Children’s Services will offer them an interview upon their return. Guidance states this interview should be done by an independent person (not a social worker or other professional already involved with the child). Return interviews need to be completed within 72 hours of a child’s return. Return interviews are an important part of safeguarding and can help to put things in place to make sure children do not go missing in the future.

A Volunteer Coordinator who works to support local volunteers will liaise with volunteers to make arrangements for the return interview to take place.

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Tasks and duties

  • Receive the details from the Volunteer Coordinator about the return interview
  • Contact the child/family to make arrangements for the interview
  • Meet the child/young person to conduct the interview and complete the return form with the young person present
  • Agree any follow on actions with the child/young person/family/carer
  • Feedback and return the completed interview form to the Volunteer Coordinator


Volunteers will receive full training and be supported through their volunteering by one of Hampshire’s locally based Volunteer Coordinators. Volunteers will have access to support and advice while delivering volunteering activities, including at evenings and weekends.

All volunteering expenses, including mileage and parking, will be paid.


Because these are one off pieces of work, the time commitment for this opportunity is flexible – volunteers can opt to give a couple of hours as and when, or a fuller commitment.

Who we are looking for

You will

  • Establish good relationships within a short space of time, to communicate and ensure children and families, with varied levels of ability, understand information and feel able to respond.
  • Listen and remain calm and impartial when dealing with children and families.
  • Record information
  • Respect differing views of individuals and work in a non judgmental way
  • Respect confidentiality and the agreed information sharing process.
  • Have the confidence to report concerns to their Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Be able to describe their role to individuals and their families while maintaining professional boundaries.

How to apply

Contact details

To find out more, please email your name and contact details to 

You will be asked to complete an application form and attend an interview

References required

Disclosure and barring service check required