Tour guide

Enhance the visitor experience and bring the stories of our countryside sites and parks to life in a fun and interactive way.

About the opportunity

The main purpose of this role is to bring the stories of our countryside sites and parks to life in a fun and interactive way.  A combination of guided tours and social history demonstrations will be used to enhance the visitor experience.

Tour Guides provide guided tours around the sites and parks much like a guided walk leader but more focused on history.

Social history demonstrators have a similar role to tour guides although they have greater interaction with the public, often portraying a character related to the site.

Both roles provide information about our sites and buildings as well as enhancing the experience for visitors.

Tasks and duties

This is a varied role and could include many different activities such as

  • Giving tours around buildings bringing displays and history to life
  • Giving tours around the country parks giving information about social history
  • Providing demonstrations or re-enactments to visitors relevant to the site you are working at


It is important for volunteers to have some experience for either of these roles although this could be gained by supporting other tour guides or social demonstrators. Either role could then be assumed when the volunteer has gained enough experience and confidence.

For long term volunteers training is available and can include First Aid, practical tool use and Leadership Skills.

Who we are looking for

You will

  • have good communication skills
  • enjoy interacting with individuals or groups of people
  • be comfortable managing groups of people

How to apply

This role may require a DBS check.