Countryside access plan 2015-2025

Policies and actions to improve countryside access in Hampshire

Our path network includes rights of way, permissive paths and areas of public green space. It is highly valued by local people and visitors, with benefits to health, well-being and the local economy. Whilst people tell us they are generally very satisfied with the standard of our paths, we have produced the Countryside Access Plan to respond to society’s changing needs in a way that provides the widest benefit.

The plan describes how rights of way and access to the countryside will be managed over the coming years.

There are three themes:

  • Focusing resources on those paths which provide the most benefit to the most people
  • Working with other organisations, including volunteers
  • Listening, informing and education

Hampshire Countryside Access Plan 2015-2025

The 2015-2025 CAP should be read in conjunction with the seven area plans from 2008, which are rich in detail and provide the background on which this plan is based. These are retained, unchanged, for reference and to provide information about how the strategic policies may be implemented at a more local level: