Planning your own walking, running, cycling or motor trial event

Guidance to help you plan an event in the countryside

It is important to ensure the route you have chosen uses public rights of way that are suitable for your chosen event and to understand that other people will be using the routes.

Contact us at least eight weeks in advance of the event outlining the route you wish to use for your event so we can check that there are no closures or works scheduled.
Walking or running events

If you are organising an event for a large number to attend it is advisable:

  • to contact the police, parish councils and landowners
  • arrange marshalling along the route, especially at road crossings
  • to ensure small groups are set off with 10 to 15 minutes intervals. This helps when crossing over stiles or going through gates and over roads
  • that each individual taking part has a map of the route
Cycling events

Cycle races are not permitted to be held on footpaths or bridleways.

If you wish to hold a cycling event on a restricted byway or byway open to all traffic, you must ask for permission from the police.

The Countryside Service also holds events at Country Parks and other sites.

Motorcycle trail events

Motorised vehicles can only use Byways Open to All Traffic (BOAT) but you can use or cross other routes with the written permission of the landowner.

We will send you the application form and plan of the area so you can mark the route you intend to use.

Send us:

  • letters of consent including the signed agreement from the Royal Automobile Club Sport Association who act on behalf of the Secretary of State under the Road Traffic Act 1988 – The Motor Vehicles (Competition & Trails) Regulation 1969
  • written permission of the landowners if other routes are to be crossed or used
  • written permission from Natural England if the route crosses land that is a Site of Special Scientific Interest