Developer contributions

The Developer Contributions Team is responsible for collection of all developer contributions due to Hampshire County Council through planning obligations, also known as ‘Section 106 Agreements’.

Guidance on Planning Obligations and Developer Infrastructure Contributions

This document sets out the County Council’s approach to seeking contributions towards County Council services and infrastructure where there is a demonstrable impact on that service or infrastructure created by new development which needs to be mitigated.

This Guidance can be used to ensure that infrastructure and services provided by the County Council are taken into account as work on development proposals and strategies are undertaken.

It sets out the legal, policy and planning context in which the County Council may seek planning obligations and the mechanisms by which it may do so. It has been formally approved by the County Council as a non-statutory policy document.

Guidance on Planning Obligations and Developer Infrastructure Contributions

Infrastructure Funding Statement

As required by the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulation Amendments 2019, all contribution receiving authorities are required to publish an annual Infrastructure Funding Statement, by 31 December. The report contains details about the contribution amounts secured, received, allocated and spent in the preceding financial year.

Latest Infrastructure Funding Statements:

Previous Infrastructure Funding Statements:

Contact the Developer Contributions Team

If you are a developer seeking to pay contributions owed under a s106 legal agreement (where Hampshire County Council is stated as the recipient) or a solicitor/individual seeking clarification on which contributions linked to specific property have been paid, please email the Developer Contributions Team at the following email address:

[email protected]

In order to help us identify the correct development and track down the corresponding legal agreement(s), we ask that you provide the planning permission reference (if known) and the site address when submitting any compliance queries.

Compliance Checks

In order to check compliance with individual legal agreements, please follow the instructions on our Highway agreement compliance page to submit a request.

Requesting Copies of Legal Agreements

Copies can usually be found by searching the online planning register of the Local Planning Authority - usually the relevant district/ borough council - who issued planning permission for the development to which the agreement relates.

Alternatively, if you wish to request a copy from the County Council (for a fee), please follow the instructions on our Highway agreement copies page.