Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (PFRA)

The PFRA is a high level screening exercise that compiles information on significant local flood risk from past and potential floods

Hampshire County Council is required under The 2009 Flood Risk Regulations to prepare a Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (PFRA) for Hampshire.

For some areas of the country where flood risk is greater, this is the first stage in a process which will lead to plans being submitted to the European Parliament. However, in Hampshire, there are no areas judged to be of national significance by the Environment Agency.

The only historic nationally significant flooding event identified by the Environment Agency data and Hampshire County Council’s own flood records is the groundwater flooding event which occurred in the winter of 2000/2001. This affected over 700 properties across 76 parishes.

The PFRA will help identify which areas should be prioritised for Surface Water Management Plans which will in turn inform the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy.