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While the reality of climate change may feel worrying, the collective efforts of Hampshire residents are making a genuine difference. Whether it’s through volunteering, reducing food waste, or pledging to swap just one car journey for a greener alternative, plenty of actions are taking place each day.

As your County Council, we are continuously reducing our climate impact across our services. Working together, we can make a positive difference to the bigger picture. Here are some of the things we have done – what could you do?

Find out what you can you do

Some things we have done…

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old windows with double glazing
in 82 buildings
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deliver solar panels to 2,100 households in Hampshire
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£1.2 million to the protection and enhancement of Hampshire’s natural environment
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renovations on our
first Green Library to include a new air source heat pump
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to recycled fuels across all our vehicles
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258 solar panel projects
across our estates
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over 100 grants to
community-based waste prevention projects

What could you do?

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for our free food waste prevention tool

Did you know that a quarter of the average household bin is food that could have been eaten?

Our Waste Prevention team is working hard to help people across Hampshire to cut down on waste. They have a free tool to learn more about food waste. Sign up to Hampshire Kitchen Heroes, earn points, win prizes, and see how much money and carbon you can save.

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Food waste in bin

Reduce your impact
with Smart Living 

Did you know that producing one t-shirt and a pair of jeans requires 13 years of drinking water?

Almost half (45%) of UK citizens purchase clothing at least once a month (WRAP). The UK also throws away 300,000 tonnes of clothing each year (WRAP). This means we can all do our bit to reduce our purchasing behaviour. Can you opt for reusing or choosing second-hand on your next purchase?

Learn more

recycling in a kitchen

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to hear about becoming a climate champion

Sign up to hear news from us on future volunteering opportunities around climate change advocacy in Hampshire.

We are looking into the potential for building a future programme where climate champions can help spread the word about our awareness and engagement campaigns. Sign up to hear more updates when they are available.

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Planting a tree

don’t replace

Our Waste Prevention Programme has helped Repair Cafés across Hampshire to fix over 11,000 items and save them from going to waste.

It can be tempting to buy a new replacement for something a bit old or broken. But how much carbon and money can you save by reusing and repairing? There are over 21 Repair Cafés in Hampshire. Find your local one today.

Find your nearest repair café

Repairing a chair

your impact

There are many ways to visualise your carbon footprint. The WWF website breaks it down by home, food, travel, and stuff, and provides ways to reduce each one. They even have an app that allows you to choose and track challenges to help you make small changes that add up to something bigger.

Why not calculate your score, and see how you measure up to the rest of the UK and the world?

Calculate your carbon footprint

Discover the WWF My Footprint app


a friend to get involved

Making lifestyle changes, no matter how small, is always easier when you’re doing it with someone else. Can you engage in some friendly competition with a friend? See who can earn the most points on Hampshire Kitchen Heroes or find out who can swap the most car journeys for a greener alternative over the course of 30 days.

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with what we are doing

Remember – you are not alone. We are all working together to make a difference. Sign up to our seasonal newsletter below to keep motivated and inspired by our updates, opportunities and incentives.

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Friends staying up to date

Want to hear about upcoming volunteer opportunities with the Hampshire County Council Climate Change team?

Are you keen to spread the word about how we can all help tackle climate change, but not sure where to start? We can help – we want to grow and support a group of passionate Climate Change volunteers to share important messages and engage local communities. These are messages about the ways people can:

  • reduce their personal environmental footprint by making easy yet environmentally friendly choices, like repairing a broken item rather than replacing it
  • increase resilience to the impacts of climate change through simple actions like closing the curtains during a heatwave
  • take small actions that make a big difference, like the annual impact of taking a shorter shower each day.

Whether it's talking about our campaigns on social media, creating your own social media content, writing blogs or articles, or even participating in face-to-face events, we'd love to work with you to help Hampshire become greener.

To register your interest in hearing about future opportunities, sign up here. For more information or to share your thoughts, you can contact us at [email protected].

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