Woodlands Resource Centre

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01264 364549

Registered Manager: Nicki Ward


London Road Andover SP10 2QU

About us

Woodlands Resource Centre is a service offering daytime opportunities for both adults with learning disabilities and older adults with a diagnosis of Dementia, Alzheimer’s or with a cognitive impairment.

Our day centre offers a person-centred approach with activities to suit both groups of individuals, including exercise and better balance for life, physiotherapy time for individuals, computers and pampering sessions. This list is not exhaustive and we are always looking for suggestions for new activities that people want to try.

It’s important to us for people who use our service to access their local community for a variety of reasons including leisure activities and community events. We also have a recycling project called ‘Magpie’ that recycles aluminium and cans collected in the Test Valley and Basingstoke areas. This enables us to play a vital role in our community and fill a gap in the local recycling provision.

The day centre has an experienced team of extremely well trained and skilled staff who support people to have a good day.


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