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What is assistive care technology?

Assistive care technology (sometimes referred to as ‘telecare’) covers a wide range of monitored and alert equipment, such as alarm systems, falls detectors and location finders. Designed to support those who may need assistance with daily activities, such as elderly people or those with living with a disability, dementia, epilepsy or any other physical or mental health conditions. When an alert is raised, you are connected to a team of trained advisers in a monitoring centre, who will ensure you receive the support you need 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Frequently asked questions

Equipment does not require a landline, it connects to a monitoring centre via your broadband or if you don’t have broadband it includes a SIM card to connect via the 4G mobile network.

All alarm units work on mains electricity and have a battery backup. The battery will automatically be used if the mains power is disconnected, meaning help is available in the event of a power cut.

When the alarm is activated, either manually or via an automatic device, you will be connected to an adviser. They will establish what kind of help is needed, before taking appropriate action. This could include contacting someone who has been assigned as a responder (a local family member, neighbour, or friend) to visit and check that the individual is alright. If necessary, the adviser will contact the emergency services.

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This equipment is designed to enhance the quality of life for people who need a bit more support in their daily lives, such as elderly or disabled people or those living with mental or chronic health conditions. It gives that extra bit of reassurance that you or your loved one can get help when they need it.

Some examples:

  • People who may occasionally feel unsteady on their feet or increasingly frail, might benefit from a falls detector which can automatically raise an alarm when it detects a fall and connect you to 24/7 help.
  • People with cognitive impairment can benefit from a smoke detector that directly notifies the monitoring centre when it detects smoke, so that even if you don’t react to the alarm, our monitoring centre can get help quickly.
  • People who are active, but increasingly forgetful, can become confused or lost or are concerned about falling, could benefit from a location finder, it’s a watch that has an easy touch SOS button, which when linked to our monitoring centre, can raise an alarm anywhere you go – be it indoors or outdoors.

You can purchase your own care technology package from our recommended provider - Argenti. Prices vary depending on the packages and products that you require.

If you have an assessment which shows that you have an eligible care and support need and you meet the criteria for funded care technology, Hampshire County Council may fund the provision of care technology.

Hampshire County Council
recommends Argenti

Hampshire County Council has been working very closely with Argenti for over 10 years as our care technology partner of choice – achieving quality outcomes for 35,000 residents. They also offer a self-funded service that offers the same level of quality, choice and service.

For more information:

Please go to the Argenti website or phone 01962 670 723.

Visit the Argenti website

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