Documents for requesting an EHC assessment

These documents should form part of your request for an EHC assessment. They should be attached to the request in the EHC Hub.

We collect information about your child as well as information about you as their parent/carer and other individuals within your family. We hold this personal data securely and use it to deliver on our legal obligations and statutory duties, as described in our privacy notice.

"Our Story": Parent/carer contribution (Appendix K1)
"My Views": child/young person’s contribution (Appendix K2)

My Views (K2) guidelines

Here are some forms you can use. Choose the form most suitable for the child's age and understanding.

Alternatively, you could use your own format that you have developed with the child.

Educational evidence: Education setting's contribution (Appendix K3)

For schools and early years settings

For colleges / FE (further education) settings