Taxishares and Carshares

Similar to a bus service but a taxi or private hire vehicle will collect you instead

How it works

Passengers must register before they can use this service.

To register contact the Community Transport Team on 01962 846785 or email run to a set timetable, just like a bus but passengers must book with the operator. The service will only run if someone books to travel. Passengers get picked up from their nearest bus stop or in some cases from their home address, depending on which Taxishare/Carshare is used. They will then be taken to the designated drop off point, as per the timetable.

Who can use it

Most services are available to anyone who needs to travel within the service operating area. To use some services passengers need to meet extra criteria. These are listed in the details of individual services.

How much it costs

Prices vary between services (information available on Taxishare / Carshare leaflets) but are similar to the cost of a bus fare. You can use concessionary travel bus passes as follows:

Please note, passengers travelling on the Hart Taxishare (200A/200B/200F) will be entitled to 25% off their fare if travelling with an older persons or disabled persons bus pass.

How to book

When you register, we will give you information on which operator to call to book a journey. You must book by at least 4pm the day before you wish to travel. Check the details on each service before booking. Please show your pass to the driver each time you travel otherwise you will need to pay.