Connect transport

Bookable door-to-door accessible transport

How it works

Connect Transport, formerly known as Dial-a-Ride and Call & Go, is a bookable door-to-door accessible transport service for individuals who:

  • find it difficult to use or access public bus services or
  • live more than 400 metres from an available bus service/stop or
  • have no access to a car and there is no bus service when they need to travel

You do not need to be registered disabled to travel on a Connect service. Minibuses are specially adapted with handrails and low steps to help passengers. Each vehicle is equipped with a lift or ramp to assist wheelchair and walking frame users. Trained drivers are also available to assist you when boarding if required.

You can search here to find a Connect Transport service in your area.

Who can use it

Services are available to passengers who meet the above criteria and live within the service operating area. Further details on the individual services.

How much it costs

A standard fare is charged to use this service. These are often similar to those charged on public bus services.

Concessionary passes cannot be used on these services.

How to book

Only passengers who meet the eligibility criteria and live in the service area shall be permitted to use these services. You must register with the service operator who can advise on your eligibility. You will then be able to book your journeys and travel on the service.

Please use the search button to find the contact details of the service in your area.

For any further queries, please contact the Community Transport and Contracts Team - email [email protected] or phone 01962 846785.