Voluntary Car Schemes (Good Neighbours Network groups)

Voluntary car schemes enable local volunteers to transport those without access to public or private transport to their destinations and many such schemes exist across Hampshire

The details below provide information for those wishing to volunteer for, or for clients wishing to travel via, voluntary car schemes.

Please Note: Hampshire County Council also uses volunteer drivers to transport Adult and Children's Services clients - please see Volunteer drivers for details of this scheme.

How it works

Most voluntary car schemes across Hampshire operate as separate small voluntary organisations, supported by the Good Neighbours Network.

The Good Neighbours Network website shows where all schemes operate from and provides contact details for local co-ordinators who can advise further.  Most schemes will ask you to register to enable them to help you and, whilst each scheme differs slightly, most provide transport to hospital and GP appointments and for shopping trips.  Some schemes also offer befriending, prescription collections and even DIY!

Who can use it

Good Neighbours groups exist to support anyone who needs their help.

How much it costs

Costs for using the scheme are usually low, often through minimum donations, contact the scheme for more details.

How to book

Bookings and enquiries can be made by contacting the local group you are looking to gain help from (or support if you are offering to volunteer yourself).  Contact details can be found on the Good Neighbours Network website.