Apply for temporary traffic light consent

If you want to place temporary traffic lights or stop/go boards on the public highway you must have consent - this may be in addition to other licences/consents required for your proposed works

Who should apply

Any works promoter who doesn't use the EToN process is required to apply for a licence, including:

  • where traffic lights are to be used in conjunction with any other licence
  • where traffic lights are to be used for an event

Multiple licences may be required depending on the nature of the works.

The traffic light application should be submitted by the company providing the traffic lights.


The provision, operation and maintenance of all signing, lighting and guarding associated with portable signals must be in accordance with the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991, "Safety at Street Works and Road Works - A code of practice" which should be read in conjunction with Chapter 8 of the "Traffic Signs Manual". The supervisor for the works must be qualified as required under Section 67 of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991


It is the applicant's responsibility to source the equipment required.

All portable traffic signal equipment must conform to the latest issue of Department for Transport Specification TRO 111A for traffic controllers and TR2147A for detectors.

All items of equipment (controllers, signal heads and microwave detectors) must be fitted with a label as shown in the Department for Transport publication "An Introduction to the Use of Portable Vehicular Signals".


You will be given permission to use Temporary Traffic Lights or Portable Traffic Signals (PTS) at a given location, given time and only in conjunction with road space booking.

Permission to use Temporary Traffic Lights does not override the requirement to obtain permits for utility or highway works.

Temporary traffic lights must only be used when absolutely necessary and must be removed or deactivated immediately after use. They must also be appropriately maintained at all times.

Manual management may be stipulated as part of the granting of a licence. If it is then the condition will stipulate the times they are to be manually managed and the objective of the manual management (eg to avoid congestion at a nearby junction). Failure to comply with such a requirement may render the licence void.

An emergency 24 hour telephone number of the applicant's representative must be displayed every site.

Change in the dates of works requires a new application to be submitted as does an extension of the original duration.

If Temporary Traffic Lights are required in conjunction with any other licence then only Consent in principle will be granted.


There is no charge for this Consent unless a technical design of multiway signals is required or specifically requested. Fees can be provided upon request.

Other Licence/ Consents that are required in conjunction with temporary traffic lights consent may incur a charge.


If you're happy you understand the conditions and charges: