School Crossing Patrols

School Crossing Patrols in Hampshire provide safer routes to and from school for thousands of children and parents every day

How School Crossing Patrols operate

As a driver, if you see a School Crossing Patrol:

  • slow down and be prepared to stop when the Patrol raises their sign
  • you must stop when the Patrol is in the road holding the sign upright
  • don’t drive off until all the children have crossed and the Patrol has returned to the pavement
  • do not overtake when approaching a School Crossing Patrol

Failing to stop when the Patrol is in the road puts lives at risk and is also a prosecutable offence, contrary to the Road Traffic Act 1988.

When using the crossing as a pedestrian:

  • stand on the pavement, well back from the Patrol
  • wait on the pavement until the Patrol instructs you to cross
  • always cross in front of, and not behind, the Patrol
  • keep looking and listening while you cross

Download a School Crossing Patrol leaflet

We aim to inform the school if the School Crossing Patrol isn't available. There may be occasions when a patrol is absent at short notice. Parents/carers are responsible for their child's safety on the way to and from school.

School Crossing Patrols are able to assist any member of the public across the road.

Read the School Crossing Patrol (SCP) policy

Decision Report for School Crossing Patrol Policy

Justifying School Crossing Patrol sites

A survey is carried out when a new School Crossing Patrol is requested or when an existing School Crossing Patrol resigns. We ask schools to complete an application form for all new sites. The survey is usually undertaken at the busiest time for traffic and lasts an hour.

We follow national guidelines issued by Road Safety GB which consider:

  • the number of children crossing
  • the amount of traffic using the road

Factors specific to the site are also taken into account. Sites are only authorised on the basis that they meet the  criteria and a suitable person can fill the post.  Following the criteria allows any decisions that are reached to be consistent, clear and readily upheld.

Our Road Safety Team offer training and advice to children if a site is not suitable for a School Crossing Patrol.

Apply to become a School Crossing Patrol

We are always looking for people to join the team. To manage the crossing points our School Crossing Patrols require a combination of professional skills to manage the traffic, and personal skills to deal with children, drivers, parents and teachers. Our staff are dedicated, valued members of their community. No matter what the weather they represent one of the friendliest faces in public service.

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