Business driver training

Practical driver training courses and virtual driver awareness training sessions are available, through our Driver Skills Scheme programmes, to all Hampshire businesses or individuals

Driver skills - Business driver training

Our experienced Fleet driver trainers will visit your organisation and help identify and remediate any risk areas in driving skills.

This course will:

  • Be carried out in your own vehicle
  • Include licence and eyesight checks
  • Focus on ‘Defensive’ driver techniques (avoidance of collisions)
  • Offer advice on fuel economy techniques
  • Normally be three hour sessions on a 1:1 basis
  • Provide a written report for risk assessment purposes.

The training cost is £44.00 per hour and is recommended for all those that haven’t had any recent professional input into their driving skills, those who have recently been involved with a collision, those where safety concerns have been expressed, those that have built up more than three penalty points on their licence, inexperienced or anxious drivers and younger drivers under 25 years of age.

Driver skills assessment

These will be delivered from your own venue and will:

  • Be carried out in your own vehicle
  • Be 1.5 hour sessions per person but normally booked as two or more consecutive sessions
  • Include licence and eyesight checks
  • Involve an initial assessment drive, a debrief, development of any weak areas and a final assessment for report purposes
  • a comprehensive written report for risk assessment purposes

The assessment cost is £44.00 per hour and is recommended for drivers where no particular, or unspecified, concerns exist but where a report is needed for Health and Safety risk management.

Driver skills awareness training

These are normally delivered on-line using MS Teams but alternative arrangements are possible in some cases.

They will consist of:

  • An overview of driver risk
  • How human behaviour and attitude affects road safety
  • A detailed look at various risky behaviours including excessive speed, distractions, stress, fatigue and drink/drugs impairment
  • An overview of the Highway Code requirements
  • Other specific advice such as vehicle checks
  • A duration of 1 hour which includes time for questions

The cost is £100

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