Motorcyclist Safety

Hampshire County Council’s latest motorcyclist safety campaign encourages drivers to look twice for bikers at junctions

Over a quarter of those killed or seriously injured on Hampshire roads each year are motorcyclists. This is despite making up only about 1% of all UK road traffic. This campaign encourages drivers not to chance it with just a glance, and look longer for bikers.

Drivers and bikers can take some simple actions to reduce the risks:

  • Make sure drivers can see you more easily by wearing bright or reflective protective clothing
  • Wear the right protective gear in all weather condition
  • Reduce the risks with further training – a number of organisations offer training to improve your skills and safety, such as such as BikeSafe Hampshire from Hampshire Constabulary and Biker Down from Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service
  • Reduce your speed on country roads - make sure you are able to slow down and stop in good time, whatever the road condition
  • Take longer to look for motorbikes, especially at junctions. Check twice before you pull out at a junction, and if you're approaching a junction, look out for motorcyclists pulling out too
  • Keep your distance
  • Double-check for motorcyclists, whether you're turning left or right