Extent of the highway search

If you need to know if an area is a publicly maintainable highway

For maintenance issues, report a problem.

How highways are defined

The council has a register of the highways which are maintained at public expense.

The list does not record the limits of the highway.

The definition of public highway is:

a way over which all members of the public have a right to pass and repass.

The most common are footpaths, bridleways and full vehicular use highways.

The public highway usually extends over the whole width of a road, footway, verge and other land up to the boundaries of adjoining properties and fields.


If formal adoption records exist as is the case with most developments since 1948 then this simplifies the task as plans and maps will form part of the documentation and provide information as to the areas of land adopted by the Highway Authority.

Where no such plans exist, then evidence of the status needs to be established by undertaking research into a variety of records. It is often complex and time consuming involving research into historic records of various types. Many documents may have to be consulted and on occasion a site visit may be required.

What the search provides

A plan indicating the extent of the publicly maintainable highway, shown shaded pink, covering the specific area of your enquiry.

The plan is A4 in size at scale 1:2500. Requests for larger areas will require an additional fee, to be explained in advance.

  • £78.00
  • per search

We may charge an hourly rate for larger enquiries - an estimate will be provided.


If you are happy you understand the process and charges: