Maintained roads

Roads which are maintained at public expense are known as adopted roads

Road adoptions

There are various ways in which roads can be adopted as publicly maintainable highway.

Any road which has been in existence prior to 1835 is assumed to be a publicly maintainable highway, or more commonly known as an ‘ancient highway’.

Roads not maintained by Hampshire County Council

Private roads aren't adopted or maintained by us, which means the County Council as highway authority is under no obligation to carry out repairs, maintenance or street cleansing. Maintenance is the responsibility of the owner. This may be the residents of a road who each own the part in front of their house, or a third party, usually a developer.

Owners can restrict access to private roads, but all adopted roads are public unless restrictions have been made by the highway authority.

The County Council isn't responsible for military roads. To report a problem on a military road, or for any related enquiries, contact Aspire Defence via email [email protected] or phone 01252 368200.

New housing and highway adoption

Prospectively maintainable highway

Check the status of a road

If you have any queries regarding the status of a road in the context of a purchase or sale of a property, then you are advised to seek your own independent legal advice. The County Council does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage arising from use of this facility.