Last update: March 2024

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Parish and Town Councils are now able to apply for 20mph speed limits and zones in residential areas, towns and villages throughout Hampshire. Residents with an interest in 20mph restrictions are advised to contact their local Parish or Town Council in the first instance.

A revised policy position for 20mph speed limits has been approved by the County Council that enables Parish and Town Councils, as well as other community groups, to request new 20mph speed limits and zones, where certain criteria are met, and where local communities are fully supportive of the measure. This revised approach will require schemes to be delivered on a full cost recovery basis meaning that Parish and Town Councils or community organisations will need to cover the full costs of any changes.

Read the policy position adopted on 15 January 2024 here.

The revised policy position sets out the technical criteria that will need to be met to ensure that new 20mph schemes will be appropriate and adhered to by road users. This includes consideration of the strategic function of a particular road (for example, what type of traffic uses the road); likely driver/rider compliance to the proposed speed limit using existing data showing average mean speeds; the characteristics of the road and roadside environment; and the level of community support.

Self Assessment Guide

A self-assessment guide has been created to help Parish and Town Councils, and other groups, to evaluate the suitability of their requests against the technical criteria.  The self-assessment process will also provide the County Council with the relevant information needed to evaluate the application.

Once completed, if the assessment indicates that the bid meets the criteria, it can be submitted to the County Council for consideration. There is a non-refundable £175 charge to cover this technical assessment.

Please read the self-assessment document which includes the following;

  • What detailed information is required including technical evidence;
  • Guidance on how to complete the online application form;
  • A link to the online application form.
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