Improving access to Aldershot Station

To improve accessibility to and from Aldershot Railway Station

Last update: April 2022

Scheme Background

Hampshire County Council and Rushmoor Borough Council have a longstanding interest in delivering accessibility and public realm improvements around Aldershot Station as it is a key gateway to the town centre and an important rail and bus interchange facility.

The forecourt and station approach no longer provide a welcoming environment for residents or visitors. Development over time within the town means the catchment area for the station is now bigger and the demands on the station for access, particularly by non-car modes, has grown. Further significant housing and mixed-use development is planned in Aldershot Town Centre, which will compound current access and interchange issues for all modes around the station and render the existing arrangement for bus and rail interchange increasingly inefficient.

The Rushmoor Borough Transport Statement recognises the need for improved access and facilities at the train station, and the same objectives were previously aired in the Aldershot Town Access Plan (TAP).

To address this, Hampshire County Council and Rushmoor Borough Council, in partnership, are developing proposals for improvements in the area around Aldershot Station.

Two separate but closely linked schemes are in development, one of which will facilitate a new public transport interchange in the area to the front of the station building and will free up the existing bus station for redevelopment. The other will focus on provision of an on-highway scheme for improving the quality of routes between the station and areas of the town centre to the north-east for pedestrians, cyclists, and motor vehicles.

The schemes will provide a better-quality environment in the area around the train station to encourage and enable residents of the town to choose active modes of transportation for local activities, and promote the use of the train as a sustainable transport option for journeys of longer distance. The scheme has the potential to reduce short car journeys within the town, thereby reducing vehicle traffic levels within the town centre and providing wider public health benefits.

Aldershot Station Forecourt Scheme

Hampshire County Council has developed proposals for accessibility improvements and public realm enhancements in the area to the front of Aldershot Station. This scheme will deliver the following:    

  • Accessibility improvements for pedestrians walking between the train station and Aldershot town centre or nearby residential areas;
  • improved bus interchange facilities directly outside the station, which is critical given the relocation of Aldershot bus station away from the train station to a new location in the town centre, which also serves to unlock a significant redevelopment site directly adjacent to the station forecourt; 
  • facilities for taxis within the station forecourt, ensuring that the taxi rank is situated close to the main access of the station; 
  • better access to the train station car park for vehicles and improved walking routes for pedestrians between the car park and the main station access;
  • public realm improvements within the area of the station forecourt and its interface with the wider road network;
  • highway maintenance improvements and renewals within the public highway in the area around the station forecourt.

The County Council is currently engaged with Network Rail and South Western Railway, to finalise the plans to deliver the scheme whilst also maintaining efficient and safe operation of pedestrian and vehicle traffic around the station.
The project is supported by funding from Hampshire County Council, including an element of local developer contributions, along with contributions from various stakeholders, including Rushmoor Borough Council, Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership and the Department for Transport Active Travel Fund. 

Please view the technical plan of the proposed improvements.
Access to Aldershot Station Highway Scheme

Hampshire County Council and Rushmoor Borough Council have developed proposals to improve vehicle, cycle and pedestrian accessibility to and from Aldershot Railway Station. The main element is to convert the one-way section of Windsor Way/Arthur Street (south), between Victoria Road and Station Road, to two-way traffic. This would improve access for pedestrians and cyclists, reduce traffic speeds in the area and reduce overall vehicle mileage around the town centre.  This element of the project is funded by Hampshire County Council, including an element of local Developer Contributions.

Highway improvements to the road network will include:

  • The southern section of Arthur Street will be converted to two-way from Station Road to its junction with Windsor Way;
  • Windsor Way from the Victoria Road junction to Arthur Street will be converted to two-way working;
  • A new cycle route will be implemented from the A323 to Aldershot Train Station, improving connectivity between the train station and the route through to the Wellesley Development to the north via Pickford Street.
Please view the technical plans for the proposed improvements.
Further Background

The Executive Lead Member for Economy, Transport and Environment gave approval for the implementation of the Aldershot Station Highway Scheme on 15 January 2019 and the implementation of the Aldershot Station Forecourt Scheme on 8 October 2020. 

Read the Decision Reports;

The County Council seeks to work collaboratively with the community to understand local issues and identify the opportunities and demand to deliver improvements which help improve local streets. In early 2021, a public engagement exercise was undertaken, to seek the opinion of local people on what additional measures could be included in the scheme to improve accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists in the area around the train station and the links through to the town centre. This provided valuable feedback on the improvements that can be made in the local area, which then informed the final design of the schemes.

Following this engagement exercise, the scheme proposals were updated to maximise the benefits that the project would deliver in terms of pedestrian and cycle facilities. This results in a scheme which delivers better value within the local area, and which will allow residents to feel more confident walking and cycling, supporting healthier lifestyles and helping improve local air quality.

The survey is now closed, but you can still read the information pack.  The feedback survey results can now be viewed in the findings report.

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