Improving access to Aldershot Station

To improve accessibility to and from Aldershot Railway Station

Last update: September 2019

Scheme overview

Hampshire County Council and Rushmoor Borough Council have developed proposals to improve vehicle, cycle and pedestrian accessibility to and from Aldershot Railway Station. The main element is to convert the one way section of Windsor Way/Arthur Street (South), between Victoria Road and Station Road, to two way traffic.

These improvements have been a long held ambition and were included in the Aldershot Town Access Plan (adopted 2013). This policy document recognised a need to improve access to the Railway Station for all modes of transport. It identified that this could be achieved by removing part of the one way system and that by this would provide the added benefit of improving access for pedestrians and cyclists, reducing traffic speeds and less vehicle mileage.

The County Council are working in partnership with Rushmoor Borough Council to carry out the scheme design.  Funding has been secured from Public Realm Improvement Fund and Developer Contributions

Highway improvements to the road network will include:

  • The Station Road/Arthur Street teardrop roundabout being converted to a priority junction allowing two-way traffic movements.
  • A tiger crossing will be implemented just west of the train station access, which will give cyclists using the off-road cycle route priority travelling to and from the station. The changes will also provide a level surface and widened footways which aims to improve access to the station for those not getting there by car.
  • The southern section of Arthur Street will be converted to two-way from Station Road to its junction with Windsor Way.
  • Windsor Way from the Victoria Road junction to Arthur Street will be converted to two-way working.
  • A new cycle route will be implemented from the A323 to Aldershot Train Station. The route will be on-road from the A323 through Pickford Street.

The Train Station Forecourt Scheme will include:

  • Creating an improved public transport interchange within the forecourt of the train station.
  • Improving pedestrian links into the town centre.

Please view the proposed plan.

Executive Member decision day 15 January 2019

Approval was given to implement the proposed highway improvements to Aldershot Station, the report of the Director of Economy, Transport and Environment.

You can find further details about the scheme on improving access to Aldershot railway station Rushmoor Borough Council's website.

Public consultation closed

The public consultation is closed and the results of the responses to the different options for this scheme:

Access to Aldershot Station report



Funding arrangements

The funding for the proposed works is specific to them and cannot be used for the maintenance of existing infrastructure such as repairing potholes or resurfacing footways.

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