Andover Rail Station – Pedestrian, Cycle and Public Realm Improvements

Encouraging safe and sustainable active travel in the area.

Last update: June 2024

Scheme Overview

Andover Rail Station provides vital links to the town centre for business and leisure. Hampshire County Council is developing a scheme to improve facilities for people to walk and cycle between the town centre and Andover Rail Station in addition to making improvements to the public realm in the immediate vicinity of the station. The scheme aims to enhance sustainable links to Andover rail station and encourage active modes of travel.

The objectives of the scheme are to;

  • Improve facilities for active travel between the town centre and Andover rail station;
  • To provide wayfinding and signage between the Andover rail station and the town centre;
  • Improve the access around Andover station forecourt.

We have developed initial proposals that include the re-allocation of road space to provide a safer and more pleasant environment for people to walk and cycle. There would be more space for walking and cycling, improved crossing points and public realm improvements. The scheme will be funded by developer contributions from local developments.


This report summarises key findings from the feedback survey which took place from Monday 10 October and closed on Sunday 20 November 2022. The information pack is still available to view.  Thank you for your feedback.

Funding Arrangements
Funding for the transport capital delivery schemes is separate from the County Council’s revenue budget and savings proposals. In the majority of cases funding comes from external grants and / or Section 106 contribution from developers. This funding usually has conditions that strictly control on how, where and when it can be spent.
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Visit One.Network which is where the planned works are published and is an independent platform that allows real-time monitoring of all the UK’s roadworks and diversions.


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