Active Travel Fund; A27 Continuous Footway Improvements

Active Travel Improvements; To support pedestrians and cyclists travelling along the A27 in Fareham and Portchester

Last update: December 2023

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As part of Hampshire County Council’s programme of schemes under the national government’s Active Travel Fund a series of ‘continuous footways’ have been considered to support pedestrians and cyclists travelling along the A27 in Fareham and Portchester. The improvements would see continuous footways created by providing coloured surfacing and lining at side road crossings in order to indicate the priority of pedestrians, and where applicable, cyclists over vehicles in these locations.

The works are expected to start in early 2024 and each junction will take approximately 6 weeks to complete.  Please view the proposed improvement and location plans

The works will be carried out in two phases:

  • First phase -  Westlands Grove;
  • Second phase - Nelson Avenue;

The aim of the scheme is to make walking and cycling easier and safer along the A27 by giving pedestrians and cyclists priority over the traffic. These proposals are being considered as a first step in a longer term aim to improve the attractiveness of walking and cycling in the area through the provision of high standard pedestrian and cycle facilities along the A27.

Originally continuous footways across the following junctions with the A27 were considered and following feedback from local residents and initial design work, it was decided not to continue with these roads at this stage:

  • Allotment Road
  • Addison Road
  • Beaulieu Avenue
  • Birdwood Grove
Feedback Survey Results
The survey is now closed, but you can still read the information pack.  The feedback survey results can now be read in the findings report.
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