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Last update: June 2024

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The scheme proposals were taken to the Executive Lead Member for Universal Services via a report at Decision Day on Monday 27 November. A final decision was made to approve the implementation of a permanent modal filter on Fishers Hill. Please click on the link to read the Decision Day report for Fishers Hill scheme which features as Agenda Item 2. The report outlines the reasons why the scheme was recommended for approval and summarises the data that fed into the decision. For more information on the decision making process please follow; Guide to decision making and meetings

This webpage will be updated with more information on the timescale for implementation, as soon as this is available.

Background - Temporary Scheme

During the summer of 2020, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, temporary filters were installed at Fishers Hill to help people to walk and cycle more easily and to facilitate social distancing enabling people to use the entire road space without the fear of passing traffic. Fisher’s Hill was one of a number of similar schemes across Hampshire.

Fishers Hill was selected because of the following reasons:

  1. It forms part of a route to and from key local destinations (such as Segensworth Business Park);
  2. It has a high proportion of through-traffic, avoiding major routes;
  3. It lacks pavements or cycleways;
  4. It has been previously audited by the HCC Home to School transport (Children’s Services) as ‘too dangerous’ for school children to use on foot or by bicycle as part of their journey to and from school;

This was an emergency scheme in response to the pandemic, which meant the Council was not required to consult widely before the scheme was installed. The temporary filters were removed in July 2021, as part of step 4 of the Government’s Covid Road Map.

Your feedback and traffic data were however collected whilst the temporary filter was in place.

Planned Consultation
We understand that social distancing is no longer a requirement, however the benefits of providing healthy streets came to light during some of the temporary schemes around the county. Hampshire County Council (HCC) has now adopted several Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIPs), including one for the Fareham borough  council which identifies key cycle and walking routes for implementation.

Fishers Hill is identified as forming part of a route within the Fareham LCWIP which helps to support active travel as it provides a suitable and direct link from Titchfield and key local destinations such as Swanwick Railway Station, Segensworth Business Park, and HMS Collingwood with Fareham and Fareham Railway Station. 

To implement the Fareham borough LCWIP,  Hampshire County Council would like to make Fishers Hill a ‘Healthy Street’ in order to achieve the ambitions of the plan and help towards meeting climate change targets.
Feedback Engagement

Please click on this link to read information on the traffic data and feedback engagement held in 2023.

Please click on this link to read information on the feedback engagement held in 2021.

Funding Arrangements
Funding for the transport capital delivery schemes is separate from the County Council’s revenue budget and savings proposals. In the majority of cases funding comes from external grants and / or Section 106 contribution from developers. This funding usually has conditions that strictly control on how, where and when it can be spent.
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