Botley Bypass

A scheme for a new bypass for Botley

Last update: July 2019

Latest updates

Advanced clearance works were completed in February 2019 to remove a section of hedge, approximately 100 metres in length, on the west side of Woodhouse Lane opposite Hillier Garden Centre.

The removal was necessary to facilitate the construction of the Botley Bypass and to assist in meeting the construction targets should the adjacent planning consent, which is currently being considered for Uplands Farm, be confirmed.  The hedge has been replaced by a wooden post and rail fence to prevent access to unauthorised persons.

Planning permission was granted for the Botley Bypass scheme on 22 November 2017, following a meeting of the County Council’s Regulatory Committee.  Full details of the planning application, including all associated drawings and documents.

Since this application was granted, a further application was submitted on 26 July 2018 to incorporate access for both vehicles and pedestrians to the proposed Deer Park School on Uplands Farm.  A decision is expected by Spring 2019.

The County Council is currently progressing with the detailed design and land acquisition for the scheme, and will be looking to start construction work in Woodhouse Lane in Spring/Summer 2020.  Works to construct the bypass are likely to follow on in 2020/21.

Scheme overview

Botley experiences a significant amount of through traffic using the A334 Botley High Street en route between the Fareham area and the wider Eastleigh, North Hedge End areas and Winchester in the north.

Forecast levels of building development in the wider Botley area over the next 20 years combined with traffic growth generally are likely to compound existing traffic issues in the area. The completion of Whiteley Way associated with the build out of the proposed North Whiteley development is also likely to increase through traffic in the Botley area.

The historic route for the Botley Bypass is located to the north of Botley and would provide an alternative route for through traffic to the A334 Botley High Street and would provide traffic relief to the village centre.

Executive Member decision day 31 March 2016

On 31 March 2016 the Executive Member for Environment and Transport considered a report on the Botley Bypass and he recommended that:

  • the historic route for a Botley Bypass together with design updates at the western end, as identified on the plan at Appendix C, be confirmed
  • authority is delegated to the Director of Economy, Transport and Environment to progress necessary design and development work for the scheme, and that Eastleigh Borough Council and Winchester City Council be notified of the alignment and asked to make appropriate provision in their Local Plans
  • in order to inform the design process, approval be given for consultation to be undertaken on the preferred route for the Botley Bypass as identified on the plan in Appendix C
  • a report on the outcome of the consultation be submitted to the Executive Member for Environment and Transport in the Autumn
  • authority is delegated to the Director of Economy, Transport and Environment to identify and pursue funding opportunities and produce business cases for the scheme working with neighbouring developers where appropriate in order to accelerate delivery

Scheme description as at 31 March 2016

The bypass would connect to Woodhouse Lane at the western end of the scheme with a new roundabout, heading east and crossing Winchester Street west of Holmesland Lane with a new priority junction. This section has been revised slightly from the historic route in order to reduce impacts on third parties.

The scheme then runs towards and in parallel to the Botley railway line, heading towards and crossing the River Hamble via a new bridge. It then heads south to the west of Bottings light industrial estate, before turning east again to join the A334 where a new roundabout connection will replace the existing A335/A3051 priority junction.  Woodhouse Lane would be widened as part of the scheme.

Scheme delivery is subject to securing both planning permission and funding.

Public consultation now closed

Over the past six months, the historic scheme plans have been reviewed and more detailed proposals have been developed by the County Council.

The public were asked for their views ahead of the final design and the planning application submission. Residents were asked to fill in a short questionnaire to help influence the design process and to identify any issues they might have.  

Results of public consultation

Download the consultation document with plans and visuals


The Executive Member Decision Day report for 31 March 2016 is available, including Appendix C showing a plan of the preferred alignment.

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