Roman Way Pedestrian Accessibility Improvements

Improve pedestrian access and safety.

Last update: May 2024

Scheme overview

The objective of the scheme is to provide a footway link from the Viking Way/Roman Way Primary School area southwards along the west side of Roman Way towards Smannell Road. Part of the existing path is very narrow and on private land, behind a brick wall, so this proposal provides an upgraded route within the highway boundary. Improvements will also be made to the dropped kerb crossing points on the side roads to bring them up to Hampshire County Council standard details.

This scheme proposes to deliver a package of measures to improve pedestrian access by implementing a series of new sections of pavement along Roman Way towards Smannell Road, crossing points and narrowing of the junction widths. The result of these will be a much improved pedestrian environment that encourages sustainable travel through the estate, plus an overall positive impact on vulnerable users due to the improved crossing facilities and new sections of pavement. The safety of pedestrians will also be improved through shorter crossing distances and additional sections of pavement.  Please view the location plan.

The improvements include:

  • New pavements at the mini-roundabout junction of Roman Way and Viking Way, on both sides with dropped kerbs/crossing points;
  • New pavements southwards (from roundabout to Property No 44 Roman Way), to replace the narrow privately owned pavement behind the brick wall on private land;
  • Improved crossing points at each side road junction (includes Claudius Close, Hadrian Road, Caesar Close and Tiberius Road), to HCC standard details. The crossing at Vespasian Road has recently been upgraded as part of works in the area;
  • New section of pavement from the bus stop to the bridge over pedestrian underpass, with dropped kerb crossing from the west pavement;
  • Build-out on west side of the bridge over underpass will allow a wider pavement with dropped kerb crossing;
  • No improvements will be made to Claudius Close, as the junction on the west side is narrow, with good visibility and has minor traffic flows;
  • New school gate near the mini-roundabout junction of Roman Way and Viking Way to provide a direct access to the playground, as well as make the school more accessible while improving safety of the children walking to school as currently Witan close is very busy with cars during peak hours.

Works are expected to start in spring/summer 2024.

Funding Arrangements
Funding for the transport capital delivery schemes is separate from the County Council’s revenue budget and savings proposals. In the majority of cases funding comes from external grants and / or Section 106 contribution from developers. This funding usually has conditions that strictly control on how, where and when it can be spent.
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