Worthy Road Active Travel Improvements

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Last update: December 2023

Latest Update

Hampshire County Council have recently completed the second round of engagement on cycling and walking improvements along Worthy Road. Initial design options for the scheme were shared at two engagement workshops held in February 2023. These proposals can be viewed here. Those who were unable to attend the workshop can provide feedback on the proposals using the contact details in Section 4.

In summary, the proposals are to:


Reason for Proposal

Widen the existing cycle path and the pavements on the eastern side of Worthy Road and London Road between the junctions with Hyde Street and Church Lane (by narrowing the width of the road down to 5.5metres and by using verge space).

To provide a safer and more comfortable environment for people who are walking, wheeling and cycling.

Provide a series of zebra crossings and parallel crossings (a type of zebra crossing that can be used by people who are cycling as well as people who are walking) at places where people need to cross the road, including a crossing on Worthy Lane at the Cattle Market Car Park.

To make it easier and safer for people to cross the road at more places along the route.

Provide “continuous footways” (a pavement that carries on across the side road) across all of the side roads along London Road and Worthy Road.

Vehicles using side roads need to give way to people walking, wheeling or cycling who are crossing the road. This will make it safer and more pleasant and comfortable for people to walk, wheel or cycle into Winchester along the route, and to help people who have limited mobility to cross side roads more easily.

Narrow the entrances to side roads that are wide.

So that vehicles that enter and leave side roads will travel at slower speeds.

Install street lighting on the currently unlit section between the northern edge of Abbotts Barton and Headbourne Worthy.

To help people who are walking, wheeling or cycling on the path to feel safer and more comfortable. 

Reduce the speed limit between the church in Headbourne Worthy and the northern edge of Abbotts Barton from 40mph to 30mph and enforce this lower speed limit (which could be via traffic calming measures).

To help people who are walking, wheeling or cycling on the path to feel safer and more comfortable.

Introduce a 7.5tonne weight limit along London Road and Worthy Road and Worthy Lane between the Cart and Horses junction and Andover Road (except for access). To reduce the number of lorries using the corridor, which would be appropriate given that the road width would be narrowed.
The feedback to the engagement is being reviewed and a report summarising the findings will be published on this website by spring 2023.  We are seeking funding from the UK Government in order to progress and deliver the scheme.
Scheme Overview

The City of Winchester draft Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) identified and prioritised the B3047 Worthy Road between The Worthys and Abbotts Barton as a route that could be made more inclusive for all by making it safer and more attractive to travel along. More information on the draft LCWIP is available here.

The Worthys and Abbotts Barton are a short distance from the centre of Winchester – with Kings Worthy about 3km from Jewry Street, so this is a distance that could be walked or cycled.

Hampshire County Council are therefore considering cycling and walking improvements along the B3047 from the junction with Hyde Street in the south, to the junction with Church Lane in the north east.

Specifically, we want to:

  • Provide more space for people to cycle, walk and wheel;
  • Make the route safer for all road users (we are in separate discussions with National Highways to understand what can be done to improve the Cart and Horses Junction);
  • Improve the local environment and air quality;
  • Increase accessibility to local shops and services for all.

An overview to the scheme setting out the potential timelines for progress with design and delivery of improvements can be found here.

Engagement Feedback

There have been two phases of engagement so far:

  • The first phase, ‘co-discover’, involved listening to local residents and stakeholders on any issues with the existing route and was undertaken in November 2022.  Please view the report covering the results of this engagement event;
  • The second phase, ‘co-refine’, which involved workshops and considered potential design options for improving cycling and walking along the B3047 Worthy Road was undertaken in February 2023, with local residents, stakeholders and the wider community.  Please view the findings report from the feedback received from these workshops.


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