Project Integra (PI) working groups

Working groups meet throughout the year to work on key issues

The Resource Aware Group (RAG)

The Resource Aware Group is made up of representatives of all PI partners. The group focuses on:

  • communications and public engagement aspects of waste management
  • collaborating on communications
  • messaging to ensure there is a consistent approach across Hampshire


The PI Operations Group meets to discuss operational issues and ongoing programmes of work, such as:

  • the Materials Analysis Facility (MAF) sampling programme
  • contamination
  • developments in the operational aspects of waste management in Hampshire

Waste Prevention

The waste prevention group consists of nominated representatives from across the partnership. The group discuss:

  • national developments in waste prevention
  • activities that any partner authorities are undertaking
  • sharing best practice and any successes in projects which help to move waste up the waste hierarchy such as decreasing household waste and reuse

Housing Growth

Given the forecasted number of new houses to be built in Hampshire, the housing growth working group is key for:

  • determining how Hampshire authorities can prepare for the increased waste that additional housing will bring
  • reviewing best practice
  • making recommendations for the future

The Common Approach to Safety and Health (CASH)

The Common Approach to Safety and Health is a nationally recognised group which is supported by Project Integra. The group consists of:

  • PI partner authorities and waste contractors to discuss national developments in health and safety guidance, as well as best practice

CASH have undertaken several pieces of work, such as the national noise in glass. This work has fed into other national groups.

Fly-tipping Strategy

The Fly-tipping Strategy sits under PI for governance and information purposes.  

Information on the fly-tipping strategy and the ongoing work