Project Integra aims to deal with waste in an environmentally sound, cost effective and reliable way

Hampshire County Council records all vehicle movements into and out of local waste facilities. There are around 200,000 movements every year.

The information collected is used for financial, performance and environmental management purposes.

Reports are made to the partnership's Strategic Board every quarter and also annually. The reports include individual authority and collective performance.

Household waste treatment
Household waste treatment (tonnes)
Waste volumes
Total household waste in tonnes

Waste volumes are affected by a range of factors, including: 

  • waste prevention work by Project Integra partners and others
  • changes in collection policies
  • changes in packaging and manufacturing
  • trade waste controls at Household Waste Recycling Centres
  • wider economic conditions
  • changes in populations and demographics
Recycling and composting
Reuse, recycling and composting (%)

In recent years, the recycling rate has levelled off, both locally and nationally. This is due factors including changing consumer behaviour and changes in packaging materials.

Energy recovery
Energy recovery (%)
Landfilled waste (%)

The proportion of waste we send to landfill has reduced dramatically as a result of the increases in recycling and energy recovery.