Our performance

Serving Hampshire in 2018/19

In Hampshire, we are proud of our strong record of delivering excellent services that provide value for money.

Over the last few years we have risen to the challenge of national spending cuts with an ambitious programme of savings and modernisation, while protecting frontline services and reducing the impact on those in most need.

Here are some examples of how Hampshire County Council has delivered on its priorities in 2018/19.

Outcome one

Hampshire maintains strong and sustainable economic growth and prosperity

  • Mortarboard
  • Schools in Hampshire delivered better GCSE results than the national average, with 67% of GCSE pupils attaining grade C in both English and Mathematics, compared with an average of 64% for England

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  • Hampshire’s young students outperform the national average at Key Stage 2. 68% of Hampshire’s primary school children taking Key Stage 2 SATs in 2018 met the required standards for reading, writing and mathematics, compared with 64% nationally. This performance is an improvement on last year, representing a 2% increase compared to Hampshire’s results for 2017

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  • Academic performance for the children of service personnel is an area of focus for the County Council and is a real strength. 79% of service pupils in Hampshire attained the good level of development at the end of early years compared to 77% of all pupils in Hampshire, and 72% of all pupils nationally. 70% of service pupils in Hampshire attained reading, writing and mathematics at age related expectations by the end of their primary education compared with 68% of all pupils in Hampshire, and 65% of all pupils nationally. 66% of service children attained good GCSEs in English and mathematics at the end of secondary compared with 66% of all pupils in Hampshire and to 64% of all pupils nationally

  • Highways
  • The County Council was ranked the joint top authority nationally for Highways service delivery according to the National Highways and Transport Network (NHT) Highways Satisfaction survey (2018), and the highest performing authority in the South East

  • Car
  • £3 million match funding was allocated by the County Council in 2018/19 to finance additional resources to tackle potholes on Hampshire roads. This includes purchasing two new dragon patcher machines, which can repair defects five times faster than traditional methods

  • Computer
  • The broadband programme, connecting communities that have been left out of national broadband plans to superfast broadband, reached over 115,000 premises, with 65,000 paying customers on the network - representing a take-up of 57% in December 2018, up from 48% at the start of the year. In 2018/19 12,869 properties in Hampshire were given access to superfast broadband, exceeding the year’s target of 11,779

Outcome two

People in Hampshire live safe, healthy and independent lives

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  • The strategic partnership between the County Council and Isle of Wight Council’s Children’s Social Care services was assessed as providing ‘stable and consistent leadership, increased resilience and a firm focus on continual improvement. Services were rated as Good by Ofsted - an improvement on the 2014 judgement of Requires Improvement, which led to the County Council being asked to support Children’s Services’ on the island

  • Nurse
  • Hampshire continued to be high performing in the delivery of care for older people. As at the end of March 2019, 23 in-house care providers were rated Good (including the four Community Response Teams that deliver reablement to clients at home), with a further provider rated Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission

  • Hospital
  • Delayed Transfers of Care in Hampshire continued to reduce, reflecting significant partnership effort and focus. The number of days of delay experienced in February 2019 was 1,170 - a reduction of 46% compared with the 2,163 days experienced in February 2018. Improvements were supported by increased reablement capacity, making more beds available during winter, and improved performance monitoring through a new integrated Health and Social care dashboard

  • Thumbs up
  • The Care Quality Commission reported the findings of its review of Hampshire’s Health and Social Care Systems, undertaken in March 2018. Areas of strength included:

    • consistent and shared vision and strategy across partners;
    • strong understanding of the needs of Hampshire’s population;
    • inter-agency working, enabling service users and their carers to influence service development; and
    • advanced use of digital tools
  • Wheelchair user
  • £67 million was allocated by the County Council for investment in care technology over the next ten years to support the growing number of elderly people and younger adults with disabilities in Hampshire. This will include launching a ‘private pay’ service enabling residents to purchase a wide range of care technology available to the County Council’s social care clients. Third parties, including other local authorities and NHS partners, will also be able to buy Technology Enabled Care services from Hampshire

Outcome three

People in Hampshire enjoy a rich and diverse environment

  • Carbon emissions
  • CO2 emissions have continued to fall year-on-year, down to 78,685 tonnes in 2017/18 (the most recent data). This is a decline from 83,992 tonnes in 2016/17 and delivers the 2025 target of a reduction to 79,080 tonnes ahead of schedule This demonstrates that the County Council reducing its carbon footprint – delivering environmental benefits whilst reducing energy costs

  • Trees
  • The county’s five country parks each received the Green Flag award in July 2018, which recognises high environmental standards and excellent visitor facilities. In 2018/19, there were 4.3 million visits recorded to Hampshire’s countryside sites, an increase of 500,000 compared with the previous year

  • Squirrel
  • A three-year programme to improve Lepe Country Park was completed. The scheme included building a new restaurant, improving existing facilities and working with volunteers to develop a sensory garden. The programme aims to make the park more financially self-sufficient in the long-term

  • Books
  • Totton and Romsey libraries, and Gosport Discovery Centre were refurbished and modernised to become more versatile. Improvements included a multi-functional community room at Totton Library, self-service kiosks at Romsey Library and bookable meeting rooms for community groups at Gosport Discovery Centre

Outcome four

People in Hampshire enjoy being part of strong, inclusive communities

  • Scales
  • Hampshire’s Youth Offending Service (YOS) was judged overall as Good, with Outstanding features by HM Inspectorate of Probation. The report notes that Hampshire’s YOS ‘provided an excellent range of interventions to reduce the likelihood of offending’

  • Hands
  • The County Council and the NHS in Hampshire launched the first Hampshire Carers’ Charter, as part of a new five-year strategy for supporting adults in Hampshire who voluntarily help or look after a friend or family member. The Charter, developed with carers and voluntary organisations, sets out a series of commitments for how organisations will work with carers to support them in their caring role

  • Policeman
  • The County Council agreed to contribute up to £10.5 million to commission a new service from April 2019 to support victims of domestic abuse and tackle the behaviour of perpetrators in Hampshire. The County Council, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and Southampton City Council are working together to fund the service as part of a new contract with a value of up to a maximum of £13.5 million over seven years

  • Doctor
  • The County Council worked with the Defence Medical Welfare Service to deliver and launch an online training package designed to help organisations establish formal mentoring schemes and support Armed Forces leavers transition to civilian employment. In addition, an App was developed and launched signposting members of the Armed Forces community and practitioners to sources of support. The County Council contributed to the App’s development through its involvement in the Forces Connect South East project

The way we work
  • Office workers
  • The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster City Council joined the County Council’s Shared Services partnership in December 2018, following the successful go-live of new arrangements as scheduled. This expansion demonstrates the strength and high performance of the County Council’s corporate support functions. The Shared Services partnership provides Human Resources, Payroll, Finance, IT and Audit Services to a variety of partners across Local Government, the Police, schools and Fire and Rescue Services, helping to reduce costs, build capacity within the local government sector, and share best practice amongst partners

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  • The percentage of working hours lost to sickness absence at the County Council in 2018/19 reduced to 3.23%, down from 3.74% in 2017/18 - the lowest level of sickness reported at year-end in the last seven years

  • Plate
  • HC3S, the County Council’s catering service secured nine new catering contracts in 2018/19 in Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire, including the first 6th form college to be catered for by the service. Income allows skills to be retained within Hampshire and contributes to the County Council’s budget