Electoral reviews

Electoral reviews of local authorities in England are carried out by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England

The Commission is an independent body set up by Parliament and is accountable to Parliament through a committee of MPs chaired by the Speaker of the House of Commons.

The main aims of the Commission are to:

  • deliver electoral equality for voters by ensuring that all councillors represent a similar number of people across a local authority area
  • establish electoral areas (wards or divisions) for local authorities that reflect, as far as possible, community identities in that area
  • ensure that local authorities have the appropriate number of councillors to represent an area effectively

The Local Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) has completed its Electoral Review of Hampshire County Council with the publication of its Final Recommendations on 16 August 2016. The Hampshire (Electoral Changes) Order 2016 has been published.

The revised electoral boundaries will come into effect at the County Council’s Election on 4 May 2017.