Economy, Transport and Environment

Equality Impact Assessments


October 2020

T21 Waste Savings Proposals

Publication of the Concessionary Travel Scheme 2021-2022

Procurement Approach for Highways Transportation Development, Engineering and Management Services post Summer 2022

Network Rail Millway Bridge Andover

Project Appraisal: Ipley Crossroads Casualty Reduction Scheme New Forest

Project Appraisal: A32/Wych Lane Junction Improvement Scheme Gosport

On-Street Pay and Display Parking

Andover Town Mills Project Appraisal Update

Access to Aldershot Station (November 2020)

September 2020

Climate Change Action Plan

Major Developments and Infrastructure Funding

Waterside Vision

M27 Junction 10 (October 2020)

August 2020

Covid-19 Bus Provision and Payments

Bus Service 95/96 Contract

July 2020

Household Waste Recycling Centre Service, Cross Border Transitional Access Agreement

Partnership for South Hampshire Revised Agreement

Transport for the South East

Climate Change Strategy

Wheels to Work Loan Scheme

Procurement Approval - Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Services Framework 2021-2025

Recycling and Single Materials Recovery Facility Update

Project Appraisal: A33/South Drive Junction Improvements Sherfield-on-Loddon

Project Appraisal: Whitehill Bordon Relief Road Junction 2 to 3 Share Use Footway/Cycleway

Project Appraisal: Brighton Hill Roundabout and Camrose Link Road Basingstoke

Project Appraisal: Bramley Lane/Sherfield Road Junction Bramley

Partnership for South Hampshire - Revised Agreement

Project Appraisal: Lymington Bottom Junction Improvements Four Marks

Lynchford Road Farnborough Growth Package

Household Waste Recycling Centres Cross Border Update

ETE Capital Programme 2019-2020 End of Year and Quarter 1 2020-2021

March 2020

Allocation of Local Bus Subsidy Support

Basingstoke Town Centre Transport Study and Mass Rapid Transit

Contract for Diver Services

Local Transport Plan Development

Local Bus Contracts in Andover Winchester and New Forest

Project Appraisal: Access Improvements to Kings School Winchester

Project Appraisal: A326 South Junction Improvements Works Fawley Waterside

Project Appraisal: Woodhouse Lane South Botley

Transformation to 2021 Street Lighting LED Replacement Project

Project Appraisal: Anstey Road/Anstey Lane Junction Improvements Alton

January 2020

28 Bordon Local Bus Service Contract

ETE Capital Programme Monitoring

M27 Junction 10 Update

ETE Proposed Capital Programme 2020/21, 2021/22 and 2022/23

Project Appraisal: M27 Junction 7 Corridor - Technology Improvements

HWRC Cross Border Charging Update (February 2020)

Project Appraisal: Whitehill and Bordon Highways and Cycle Improvements

TfSE Strategy Consultation Response

Interim Progress on Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan


September 2019

ETE Capital Programme Quarter 2 2019/20

Local Bus Contracts in Fareham, Gosport and Alton

Local Flood and Water Management Strategy

Project Appraisal: Toucan Crossing and Cycle Improvements Hambledon Road, Waterlooville

Publication of the Concessionary Travel Scheme 2020-2021

Transforming Cities Fund Bids Update

A30 Traffic Management Review

Waste Contract and Infrastructure and Land Strategy

Transformation to '21 - ETE1 Waste Disposal Contract

Transformation to '21 - ETE5 Cross Cutting Departmental Savings - Service Users

Transformation to '21 - ETE2 Waste Disposal: HWRCs

Transformation to '21 - ETE3 Street Lighting Efficiencies

Transformation to '21 - ETE4 Highways

Transformation to '21 - ETE5 Cross-Cutting Departmental Savings - Staff

Andover – Access to Town Mills Car Park from the A3057 and Riverside Improvements

Botley Bypass - Uplands Development Infrastructure

Contract for Provision of Bikeability Training 2020-2022

Experimental Traffic Order – Prohibition of Right Turns from The Causeway-A33 Heckfield

Household Waste Recycling Centres Operations - Service Updates

Road Agreements Supplementary Policy Guidance

Project Appraisal: Stubbington Bypass Update

July 2019

Basingstoke Transport Strategy

Commuted Sums policy

ETE Capital Programme 2018/19 End of Year and Quarter 1 2019/20

Guidance for residents for On-street electric vehicle charging in Hampshire

Project Appraisal: Bradfords Roundabout air quality scheme, Farnborough

Transport for the South East - Hampshire County Council response to Formal consultation on the Draft Proposal to Government

Use of Non-prescribed signs on public highways

June 2019

HCC Response to Government Consultation on the Draft Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy for England

M27 Junction 9 and Parkway South Roundabout Scheme - Project Appraisal Update

Project Appraisal: Fareham Air Quality Improvement Scheme

Project Appraisal: Hut Hill Chandlers Ford to Chilworth Cycleway/Footway

Transforming Cities Fund Tranche 2 Update

Village Traffic Management Improvements Over Wallop Andover

April 2019

Enterprise M3 LEP Incorporation, Governance Arrangements and Appointments

Eclipse Busway Completion of Phase 1 - Retention of Rowner Road Bridge

Reviewed Hampshire Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Management Plans (2019-2024)

Recycling Infrastructure

Glass Contract Update

Winchester Movements Strategy

Government Waste Strategy Consultation Responses

Jermyns Lane Footway to Braishfield

Local Industrial Strategies

March 2019

Generation 4 Technical Resources Framework Strategy

Hamble Lane Improvements (March 2019)

Parking Update

Speed Limit Policy Exceptions in relation to Air Quality Management

Protection of Highway trees affected by New Development Policy

Highway Network Hierarchy

Grant Stream for Public Bus Operators

Transforming Cities Fund Capital Programme

January 2019

Access to Aldershot Station (February 2019)

Concessionary Travel Scheme Contract

ETE Capital Programme Monitoring (January 2019)

Farnborough Growth Package - Lynchford Road and Invincible Road

M27 Junction 9 and Parkway South Roundabout Scheme

M27 Junction 10 (February 2019)

Proposed Capital Programme 2019 to 2020 2020 to 2021 and 2021 to 2022

Replacement of A35 Holmsley Bridge New Forest

Whitehill and Bordon Integration Works - Budds Lane


November 2018

Cabinet Report on Air Quality

October 2018

Street Lighting T19 Savings

Passenger Transport Review 2018

Household Waste Recycling Centres Cross Border Charging Update

T19 Modernisation of the On-Street Parking Service

Consolidation and Review of School Crossing Patrol Policy

Generation 4 Frameworks: Contract Strategy

September 2018

Community Transport Contracts

Highways Permit Scheme (September 2018)

Refurbishment of A35 Redbridge Causeway

Road Agreements Process

July 2018

Andover Villages Bus Service and Winchester to Petersfield 67 Bus Service

Passenger Transport Grants

Project Appraisal; Barncroft Way Safety Cycle Link Havant

Hamble Lane Improvements (July 2018)

ETE Capital Programme 2017/18 End of Year & Quarter 1 2018/19

Project Appraisal: Eclipse Busway: Completion of Phase 1

PA: Romsey Town Centre Improvements Phase 3 - Market Place

June 2018

Economic Development Annual Report - 2017/18

Harts Farm Way/Southmoor Lane Junction Havant

Highways Permit Scheme (June 2018)

M27 Junction 9 and Parkway South Roundabout Scheme Update

Review of Residential 20 Pilot Programme

T19 Parking Project Update

Tt19 Part Night Lighting – Consultation Phase

Tt19 Supported Passenger Transport Services and Concessionary Travel – Consultation Phase

April 2018

Air Quality in Hampshire

Project Integra Action Plan 2018-2021

Waste Prevention Community Grant Fund

Church Crookham Transport Strategy

Project Appraisal: Buckskin Flood Alleviation Scheme

March 2018

Whitehill and Bordon Transport Package

Basingstoke Transport Update - Strategy and Issues

Farnborough Growth Package/Blackwater Valley Gold Grid

Market Towns Fund

February 2018

Hampshire Commission of Inquiry

January 2018

Parish Lengthsman Scheme (January 2018)

ETE Proposed Capital Programme 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21

ETE Capital Programme Monitoring (January 2018)

Project Appraisal: A33/Thornhill Way Junction Chineham

Stubbington Bypass Procurement Strategy

Botley Bypass - Way Forward and Land Acquisition


December 2017

Major developments and infrastructure

November 2017

Waste Strategy

HWRC Cross Border Charging Update (September 2017)

Countywide Civil Parking Enforcement Services

Publication of the Hampshire Concessionary Travel Scheme 2018/19

Waterside Interim Transport Policy

ETE Capital Programme Monitoring (November 2017)

Highways Land Surplus to Requirements at Basingstoke

Highways Land Surplus to Requirements at Tadley

Highways Land Surplus to Requirements at Warsash

A3025 Hamble Lane Improvements

Farnborough Growth Package/Gold Grid

Coastal Pollution Disposal Contract Procurement

September 2017

Land surplus to highway requirements at The Gables, London Road, Whitchurch

Market Town Funding Initiative (Bell Street and Market Place, Romsey Town Centre Improvements)

Strategic Transport Infrastructure and Capital Funding Opportunities

M27 Junction 9 and Parkway South Roundabout Scheme Whiteley

City of Winchester Movement Strategy

Review of the Casualty Reduction Options for the A33/B3047 (Cart and Horses) Junction Winchester

Project Appraisal Update – Bell Street Romsey

Romsey Flood Alleviation

Processing of Glass Services Procurement

Strategic Transport – Hampshire’s Priorities

Streetlighting Private Finance Initiative Contract Variations

Highways Land Surplus to Requirements at Burgate Cross Fordingbridge

Buckskin Flood Alleviation Scheme

Project Appraisal: A32 Farringdon Flood Alleviation Measures

Hythe Ferry Subsidy B

T19 Economic Development Operating Model

T19 E1 Economy Transport and Environment Operating Model

T19 E2 Economy Transport and Environment Charging

T19 E3 Economy Transport and Environment Trading

T19 E4 Hampshire Highways Services Contract

T19 E5 Highways Winter Maintenance

T19 E6 Street Lighting

T19 E7 School Crossing Patrols

T19 E8 On Street Parking and Parking Agreements

T19 E9 Transport and Traffic Agency Arrangements

T19 E10 Economy Transport and Environment Revenue

T19 E11 Concessionary Fares

T19 E12 Bus Subsidies and Community Transport

T19 E13 Waste Disposal Contract

T19 E14 Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs)

July 2017

Stubbington Bypass - Enabling Works and Land Approvals

A27 The Avenue/Gudge Heath Lane, Fareham Transport Improvement Scheme

Project Appraisal: Ringwood Road, Totton Pedestrian/Cycle Link Improvements

Bus Rapid Transit - Voluntary Quality Bus Partnership Agreement

Community Transport Grant Applications (July 2017)

Hampshire Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment - Review

Hampshire County Council's Rail Position Statement

Capital Programme 2016/17 End of Year and 2017/18 Quarter 1 Report

Retending of Basingstoke/Alresford Cango Bus Service

Bus Stop Infrastructure Tender

Household Waste Recycling Centre Operations

Flood Risk and Coastal Defence Programme

March 2017

Revised Community Transport Operating Model

Hampshire Flytipping Strategy

Implications of New National Highways Code of Practice

Highway Assess Management Strategy

Interim Review Effectiveness of Casualty Reduction Scheme - A33/B3047 Cart & Horses Junction Winchester

Provision of Technical Services to Authorities using the Strategic Partner Contract

Cabinet Sub Committee for Economic Development

Update of Corporate Sustainability Policy

January 2017

Parish Lengthsman Scheme Update

Recovering costs from Statutory Undertakers

Highways Development Control Agency Arrangements and Traffic Management Agency Arrangements Update (January 2017)

ETE Capital Programme Monitoring (January 2017)

Tender for Real Time Passenger Information and Associated Systems


November 2016

PUSH Business Plan 2016-18 and the Solent Growth Forum

Buckskin and Romsey Flood Risk Management Update

Botley Bypass Public Consultation and Preferred Route

Project Appraisal Newgate Lane Southern Section

Publication of the Hampshire Concessionary Travel Scheme 2017/18

Street Lighting PFI Refinancing

Bus Service Operators Grant

Household Waste Recycling Centre Opening Hours

Project Appraisal Newgate Lane Southern Section

October 2016

Fly tipping strategy for Hampshire

Land surplus to highway requirements adjoining Junction Road in Totton

Cross border Household Waste Recycling Centre access

Revisions to the Hampshire statement of community involvement

Proposed community transport operating model and contractual arrangements

September 2016

Land surplus to highway requirements in Fareham

Project Appraisal: Romsey Town Centre Improvements - Phase 2 Bell Street

Highways Development Control Agency Arrangements and Traffic Management Agency Arrangements Update (September 2016)

ETE Capital Programme Monitoring (September 2016)

Novation of Real Time Passenger Information Framework

Procurement Approval - Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Framework 2017/2021

Flood Risk and Coastal Defence Programme - Priorities

Retendering of Bus Services in Blackwater Valley Area

Retendering of Bus Services in Romsey, Totton and Hythe Areas

Retendering of Bus Services in Eastleigh Area

Project Appraisal A33 Crockford and Binfields Roundabouts Basingstoke

July 2016

Grant for Reconstruction of Wall North Street Emsworth

HWRC Service Efficiencies Implementation

Retendering of Bus Services in Winchester Area and of the Ringwood 125 Service

Establishment of Dynamic Purchasing System for Contracts Using Vehicles with 16 Seats and Fewer

Hambledon Phase 2 Flood Alleviation – Project Appraisal Update

DEFRA Small Schemes Pathfinder – Bourne Valley

June 2016

Highways Materials Policy Statement Capital Works

Transport Improvement Scheme Update: Fareham A27 TheAvenue/Gudge Heath Lane

Basingstoke Transport Update Report

Chickenhall Lane Link Road /Access to Southampton Airport Economic Gateway

ETE Capital Programme Monitoring (June 2016)

Community Transport Grant Applications (June 2016)

Transport Major Schemes Update

May 2016

Parish Lengthsmen Scheme: Yateley Amendment

A340 Aldermaston Road Dualling: Project Appraisal Update

Future Traffic Management Policy (May 2016)

March 2016

Parish Lengthsman Scheme (March 2016)

Hampshire's Waste Prevention Programme

Holmsley Rail Bridge New Forest

Project Appraisal: Alton Eastern Gateway Pedestrian and Cycle Improvements

Botley Bypass Progress Update

Review of Non-Statutory Home to School Transport Services

Street Lighting Dimming Policy Review

Future Traffic Management Policy (March 2016)

Highways Development Control Arrangements

Project Appraisal: Petersfield to Queen Elizabeth Country Park Cycle Route

Project Appraisal: A27 Corridor Upgrade Segensworth to Titchfield

Project Appraisal: Whitehill Bordon Relief Road Phase 2

January 2016

Project Appraisal A30 Winchester Road Roundabout Basingstoke

Highways Environmental Maintenance Service Delivery Arrangements

HWRC Service Efficiencies Consultation Proposals

Hampshire Walking Strategy

ETE Capital Programme 2015-16 Quarter 3 Monitoring and 2016/17 - 2018/19 Proposed Capital Programme

Highway Asset Management Strategy Update

Hampshire Enterprise Circle New Model

Future Community Transport Operating Model

Project Appraisal Traffic Calming Green Lane Clanfield

Newgate Lane South Land Approvals

Review of Home to School Transport Contracts

Rail Consultations: South West Trains Franchise and Crossrail 2