Chief officers

The Corporate Management Team has seven chief officers and an Assistant Chief Executive and is led by the Chief Executive.


John Coughlan CBE

Chief Executive

John Coughlan's Responsibilities

Carolyn Williamson

Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Corporate Resources

Carolyn Williamson's Responsibilities

Graham Allen

Director of Adults' Health and Care

Graham Allen's Responsibilities

Paul Archer

Director of Transformation and Governance

Paul Archer's Responsibilities

Steve Crocker

Director of Children's Services

Steve Crocker's Responsibilities

Stuart Jarvis

Director of Economy, Transport and Environment

Stuart Jarvis' Responsibilities

Felicity Roe

Director of Culture, Communities and Business Services

Felicity Roe's Responsibilities

Deborah Harkin

Assistant Chief Executive

Debra Harkin's Responsibilities

Senior officer roles

The role of the Corporate Management Team is to lead the officers who work for the County Council, provide the strategic overview for the work of the Council, and manage the many various operational services for which the Council is responsible.

The organisation chart sets out the top three levels of County Council officer roles.