Project 27 - Hampshire County Council climate change website

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Key findings

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Hampshire Perspectives is the County Council's residents' forum

This report summarises key findings from the 27th Hampshire Perspectives survey. The purpose of this survey was to develop understanding of people’s views on the current Hampshire County Council climate change website. The survey included images of the website, so respondents could take part whether they had previously seen it before or not. The website was designed back in February 2020 therefore it was appropriate to check that the site was still fit for purpose in 2023, especially against the backdrop of the events of those intervening years e.g. a global pandemic, economic crisis, war in Ukraine.

The survey was completed by 548 forum members between 9 and 23 August 2023.

Key findings were as follows:

Respondents wanted the website to provide local information

Respondents expected the website to include local information, particularly about what the County Council is doing on climate change and information for local people about sustainable living. They go to other sources for general information on climate change and want the County Council to show what is being done locally.

The website is generally easy to navigate

Most respondents were able to give the correct location for the majority of the topics within the site. Although only a small number of respondents had used the site before, they reported the site was easy to navigate and the language was easy to understand.

Opportunities to improve the look and feel of the website were identified

Respondents were not inspired by the look and feel of the website. They identified opportunities to improve the website by using coloured images and photographs that show more examples of action and local community projects to reinforce positive engagement. The icons used within the site were positively received.

Respondents expected to see information for local businesses on the website

Three quarters of respondents expected the website to include information for local business. However, there was confusion about where this information would sit and limited interest from those involved in local businesses.

Basic demographics had little impact on responses

Generally, there was little difference in opinion between respondents of differing ages or genders, and little difference between those that engage in climate change behaviours and those that don't.