Project 30 - Adults Safeguarding

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Key findings

Adults Safeguarding

Hampshire Perspectives is the County Council's residents' forum

This report summarises key findings from the 30th Hampshire Perspectives survey, which was conducted to help us understand how we can support people to report concerns about people’s safety, which we will use to inform our strategic work going forward.

Hampshire residents were asked to share information and their views on adult safeguarding, and their understanding of safeguarding issues.

This survey was open from Friday 17 November 2023 to Sunday 3 December 2023, with 607 panel members responding.

Key findings were as follows:

  • Most survey respondents were aware of the term ‘safeguarding’ and could correctly identify the given examples of neglect and abuse, although those relating to alcohol abuse and personal hygiene were less easily identified than those around violence and extreme poverty. Women, and respondents from ethnic minority groups, found it slightly easier to identify examples of neglect and abuse than others did.
  • If concerned for their own safety, respondents said they would rely on personal acquaintances (e.g. friends / family) for help, while they would be more likely to turn to professionals (e.g. police or healthcare workers) if concerned about another person.
  • Respondents felt more comfortable reporting potential safeguarding concerns relating to people close to them, but less confident if concerns related to people beyond their family and immediate friends.
  • Around three in ten of respondents would not be put off from reporting safeguarding concerns in any circumstances, but others voiced worries over potential repercussions, concerns about the potential victim’s wishes, and uncertainty about what neglect and abuse look like.
  • When asked how to encourage more people to report safeguarding concerns, more than half of those responding asked for greater publicity on how to report concerns, and around a quarter looked for assurances of confidentiality.