Petition - Parking in Sandringham Road, Osborne Road and Woolmer Avenue, Petersfield

Response from Hampshire County Council, January 2024

Thank you for the petition you sent to Hampshire County Council regarding the amendment to permit bays in Osborne Road, Sandringham Road and Woolner Avenue, Petersfield to include an hour of limited waiting parking to assist those particularly who are elderly or need care.

The restrictions which previously included this function were changed following calls from residents that not enough permit parking spaces were available for them and that their streets were being used by shoppers from further afield for free parking. It was also noted that since the pandemic, more residents were working from home and therefore their vehicles were present for more of the day. It was also expected that the removal of on-street limited wait parking from these permit bays would reduce circulating traffic which causes excess pollution and makes the quiet residential streets less safe.

The decision to remove this facility and to enable permit holders only was made via a democratic process undertaken by East Hampshire District Council following a consultation which ran from 22 April 2022 to 13 May 2022. The restrictions came into effect from 1April 2023 as part of the “East Hampshire District Council (Petersfield: Various Road) (Prohibition and restriction of waiting), (Restricted zone) and (Resident permit parking only) order 2023”.

The consultation process saw the order advertised in the local newspaper, on social media and on street notices attached to lamp columns and street signs. The area petitioned received approximately 13, A3 laminated signs including a map of the local restrictions to ensure they were fully understood. The petitioned streets provided one response in favour of the restrictions being changed, and one against.

It is noted in your petition that you are concerned for your neighbours who are elderly or disabled. It is worth remembering that those using a blue badge can park in any permit bays in the zone for as long as they need without a permit as long as the blue badge is on display. Professional and family carers are also able to apply for carers permits via our website:

These restrictions are in place between 9am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday. During all other times, vehicles can be parked in the bays or on the single yellow lines without a permit as required so long as no obstruction is caused. Loading can take place at any time on the single yellow lines throughout the area.

We do not believe that an amendment to the order as described by the petition is required or necessary, and that if the limited wait function of the bays were to be reinstated it is likely that the spaces will once again be taken by shoppers seeking free parking.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Adams-King
Lead Executive Member for Universal Services