Five ways to personalise your child’s naming ceremony

Feb 6 2023

Woman holding a young child

Names are a vital part of how you define yourself. They’re one of the first words you learn to write and are used to identify you throughout your life from infancy all the way through to old age. Publicly celebrating your child’s name gives an opportunity to emphasise the thought and care that goes into this important choice, your investment in their life, and in turn the love you feel for them.

Naming ceremonies are a way to commemorate this key part of your child’s identity. As they aren’t a legal event, you can craft a celebration that’s bespoke to your child and their loved ones. The sky is the limit in creating an event that's personal and unique to you - please just bear in mind that the naming ceremonies we officiate cannot have religious content such as religious readings or music.

Whether you have a baby or an older child whose name you’d like to celebrate, naming ceremonies are a unique opportunity for significant figures in their life to publicly promise to support them. They’re not just for children, you could also have a naming ceremony for a beloved pet.

Here are five ways you can make your naming ceremony unique to your family.

Choose a passage from your favourite book or poem

Whether the text is important to your family or a new discovery, choosing a special reading or two adds a personal touch to any celebration. It could be the child’s favourite story or words of wisdom that you hope they’ll take on board throughout their lives.

Asking someone to select a reading for the person being named is a great way to mark their relationship and include loved ones in the ceremony. Or, if your child is older, they could even select and read their own passage. 

A girl and a woman reading a book

Make some memories with music

Music is powerfully linked with memory. From the first song you ever played for your child, to their favourite lullaby, music is a core part of day-to-day life. Listening to music that reminds you of a special occasion can often trigger memories from that event even years later.

You might already have a song that reminds you of your loved one or a favourite piece of music that you share together. If you do, why not include it in their naming ceremony? As your child grows, they’ll always have that piece of music to tie them back to a treasured childhood memory.

Older man holding a baby

Give a gift

Presents are a thoughtful way to create a physical reminder of a naming ceremony. Not only are they tokens of your love and affection for your child, but treasured mementos of a significant moment in their life. You could incorporate a family heirloom into the event or choose a new item such as a book or item of jewellery to be passed down for generations to come.

Gifts don’t just have to be given to the person being named. You could even gift important people commemorative certificates with your child’s name to celebrate the occasion.

Man holding a young girl at a celebration

Tell a story

Telling a story about the life you’ve built together is a perfect way to incorporate your family’s personality into their ceremony. If you’ve got a favourite anecdote or treasured memory that you love to share, then this is a great time to do it. You could even invite important people to share their favourite memories or record these stories in a scrapbook of the day too.

Two children hiding under a table at a celebration

Share the meaning of the name

If there’s a story behind your child’s name, then why not share it at their naming ceremony? Maybe they’re named after a beloved relative, the meaning of their name is important to you, or they’re an older child who has chosen their own name. Choosing to talk about the significance and meaning of your child’s name as part of the ceremony emphasises the care that has been taken to select the perfect name for them.

Young girl kissing a woman on the cheek

There are plenty of other ways to tailor your ceremony so that it’s bespoke to your family. You could combine it with a vow renewal or pick a venue that’s perfect for you. For more information about naming ceremonies, visit our page about naming and welcoming ceremonies.