Hampshire Prosperity Partnership

A partnership of business, place and skills with the opportunity to drive economic success


In August 2023, Government announced the integration of Local Enterprise Partnerships into democratic organisations, and for this to happen from 1 April 2024.

The upper tier authorities, such as Hampshire County Council, will be charged with delivering the Government's policies for economic development including Growth Hub and careers hub functions as a minimum.

Hampshire Prosperity Partnership Board

In response to the Government’s requirements, the County Council is in the process of setting up a board in line with the recommendations, including the need to have a large percentage of board places occupied by businesses and/or their representatives.

Formation of a Shadow Board was undertaken to agree governance and the process for recruiting to the main Board, and this board met in January 2024.

The Shadow Board, made up of councillors, education representatives and businesses leaders from across Hampshire will undertake the recruitment with the aim to have a board selected by the end of April 2024.

The Shadow Board is now accepting nominations from businesses and organisations representing business from around the whole geographic area of Hampshire for a place on the Board.

Below is the prospectus which has details of how to enquire about the Board roles, and how to put forward your nominations.


Hampshire Prosperity Partnership Board Prospectus