Geomatic surveys

Our team of highly experienced surveyors and technicians have a wealth of knowledge of mapping and engineering surveying. We provide a comprehensive range of survey services for all types of planned infrastructure.

We accurately and efficiently collate information to customer specifications and present it in a variety of 2D and 3D formats that are BIM compatible (including AutoCAD and MX). We use the latest survey equipment and technology, including robotic total stations, 3D laser scanner, ground penetrating radar (GPR), digital levels, an environmental noise analyser, and Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) receivers and antennae. We use the Trimble VRS Now satellite correction service which provides precise Real Time Kinematic (RTK) positional information based on the Ordnance Survey GNSS network (OS Net). This provides instant and accurate Ordnance Survey National Grid coordinates and Datum levels.

Our expertise includes:

  • Technical advice on survey solutions
  • Topographical surveys to establish the features and contours of proposed sites
  • 3D laser scanning surveys, capturing point cloud datasets
  • Drainage / flood risk assessment surveys
  • Setting-out (establishing markers on site to transfer design from paper to ground)
  • Structural elevation and section drawings
  • Structural movement monitoring
  • Underground utility surveys
  • Environmental noise surveys
  • Establishing and quantifying calibration bases for measuring equipment
engineers working in streets
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