Material Specification

We undertake the development and maintenance of technical standards covering design, materials, products and construction practices. With many years of experience our teams are abreast of new materials within the marketplace and updates to national standards. This allows us to investigate options to bring forward carbon savings within the construction and maintenance activities. We offer consultancy for the delivery of highway schemes and associated services, with key private sector clients, local authorities and developers.

Our innovative approach allows us to develop material specifications by undertaking trials of new materials and processes to ensure that materials specified within highway contracts are suitable for clients requirements. This is key in terms of maintenance, sustainability, whole life costs and future proofing.

Maintaining, publishing and communicating the Technical Guidance Notes to wider teams, developers, planning authorities and other local authorities ensure that key design/maintenance matters are built into scheme designs from an early stage.  This helps to minimise the audit/approval process for highway development agreements, expediting adoption of developments.

Our expertise includes:

  • Climate Change Innovation (2050)
  • Trials – Standards and Innovation
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