Contract Award Notice for: AS10870 HADSOM Accommodation Stream

Details of Contractors who have successfully been awarded contract(s):

Hampshire County Council, Hampshire’s 5 CCGs (Fareham and Gosport CCG, North East Hampshire and Farnham CCG, South Eastern Hampshire CCG, West Hampshire CCG, North Hampshire CCG) and Southampton City Council (the “Contracting Bodies”) is establishing a new procurement platform. This will meet the Contracting Bodies requirements for the retendering of current contracts and also support the ongoing development of new services.

The new procurement platform is the Hampshire Accommodation Development and Support Options Model (HADSOM). HADSOM will be procured with a focus on flexibility and a partnership approach to market development. This Open Framework is a bespoke procurement vehicle procured under the Light Touch Regime – Part 2, Chapter 3 Section 7 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.

The procurement has two streams: A Care and Support stream and an Accommodation stream. Providers can apply for either or both streams.

HADSOM will function as a register of providers who are interested in working with the Contracting Bodies to provide strengths based services and accommodation to people with Learning Disabilities, Physical Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Conditions, Mental Health Issues or other vulnerable people.

The Open Framework has 2 streams: Stream 1 = Care and Support, Stream 2 = Accommodation. Please refer to the supporting guidance documents for each stream.

Contract Start: 10 April 2018

Contract End: 09 April 2026