AHC Reviews App

Use this application to submit reviews for clients

Choose provider

Select a provider

Press arrow to view list of all the branches that you have access to. Select the branch you want to work with.

A list of all clients with an open PPG provision for this branch will be displayed showing

List of clients for the selected provider

  • ID: ID of client
  • Name: Name of client
  • Due: Date when next review is due
  • Provision start:  The start date of the open provision
  • Status: This column shows
    • Due when review due date is in the past
    • Unsatisfactory when a submitted review needs revision
    • No Status for all other records
Search facility

Search for a client field

To search for a client, enter their name or client ID in the Search box.

You can also search for a date. This will display all clients with a review due on that date, or a provision that starts on that date.

You can search for a review status such as 'Due' to filter on reviews with that status.

Saving information to a CSV file

The Download list as CSV file button

Use the download button to save the information on this page to a CSV file.

Submit a review

Choosing a client

Press on the name of the client you wish to submit a review for. 

To upload a word or PDF file containing the review details select Upload Review:


  1. Press a button to select the review type
  2. Enter the actual date of the review. Press the button to select from a calendar 
  3. Choose file: Press Choose file to select the file to upload
  4. Press on the Submit Review

The Complete review online tab

To enter a review online select Complete Review Online then 

  1. Press a button to select the review type
  2. Enter the actual date of the review. Press the button to select from a calendar
  3. Complete all the fields
  4. Client copy: Tick the box when you have given a copy of the review to the client or representative
  5. Press on Preview Review
  6. Check the information is correct. If is not correct press on Edit and correct the information

The Edit, Print review and Submit review buttons

To keep a copy of the review, press on Print review. Select a printer to print the review or select Microsoft Print to PDF to save a PDF file of the review. Press on Print. Press on Submit Review

Previous reviews

These are the reviews for this client sent in by this branch in the last 2 years. Reviews entered online can be viewed by pressing on the hyperlink.