Services portal organisation admin help

Help and guidance for those responsible for managing services portal users at your organisation

If you have been set up as an administrator for your organisation, an "Organisation Admin" tile will appear on your Services Portal dashboard under "Tools". This area contains three more tiles that allow you to manage users and their roles at your organisation.

Register new user

From the organisation admin menu, select the Register new user tile to open the registration form.

Create a user form

Enter the user's first name, last name and email address. You can also add an optional contact phone number for the user.

Select Send invite. The user will receive an invitation to join the Services Portal. They will need to follow the link in their invitation email and change their password to access their account.

New user accounts do not have any roles assigned. You can add roles from either the "Manage users" or "Manage roles" tiles on the organisation admin hub.

Manage users

Manage users table

From the organisation admin menu, select the Manage users tile to open a list of all Services Portal users at your organisation. You can see their email address, phone number (where provided) and details of last activity (date, time).

Only users who have completed registration will appear on this list.

You can search for individual users by typing their name or email address into the Search field. You can also sort users by the headers on the table.

The following user management options are available:

Change user roles and linked providers

Setting user roles form

Select a user's name to see which roles the user has been assigned, and which linked providers these apply to.

Use the tick boxes to assign roles to the user, and to decide which providers they have those roles for. When you are finished making changes, select Save changes.

Delete OTP number

Select Delete OTP number to delete the user's "One Time Passcode" (OTP) phone number. This is the mobile phone number the user requested their six-digit secure passcode to be sent to during the registration process. The OTP number may be different to their saved phone number.

You will be asked to confirm that you want to proceed with deleting the number. Select Delete OTP number again to confirm or Cancel to return to the user list.

Delete user

Select Delete user to delete the user's account. That user will no longer be able to access the Services Portal.

You will be asked to confirm that you want to proceed with deleting the user. Select Delete user again to confirm, or Cancel to return to the user list.

Manage roles

Manage roles table

From the organisation admin menu, select the Manage roles tile. This opens a list of the roles available to your organisation.

Select any of the roles to view a list of users at your organisation. This list includes users who have completed their registration and those whose registration is pending.

Use the Assigned switches to give the currently selected user role to one or more users. Select Save changes to bulk assign roles to those users.

Switch to add or remove all users from a role

If you want to add or remove all users from a role, select the tick box in the head of the Assigned column of the table and then select either Add all users or Remove all users from the dropdown.

Select Manage other roles for this user to assign multiple roles to an individual user. This will take you to the same options that appear under "Manage users".