How to supply goods and services

We need the correct information from you so you can start to supply to us

Before starting work

To supply goods or services you need to have agreed with us what your company will supply and at what price. Explain all the costs you will include on the invoice such as any delivery costs. If the total cost is not included on our purchase order, our system will reject your invoice. This will cause a delay in payment.

You should not provide goods, works or services without receiving a purchase order first. There is a strict No Purchase Order - No Pay policy. This policy makes sure we only pay suppliers for goods or services that have been properly ordered and authorised.

If you need to carry out emergency work, you should take the details of the person requesting the work. Ask them to send the purchase order within three working days. Emergency work could be repairs to secure a building or to safeguard a person.

Do not send an invoice until you have received a purchase order number as the invoice will be returned to you. This will cause a delay in payment.
Purchase order

The purchase order is the authority to supply and proceed with the service. This authority must be in place before you supply goods or services.

Purchase orders will be raised as either a quantity based or value based order.

  • Quantity based orders are used for a specific quantity of goods or for a services which can be quantified such as a number of days of service
  • Value based service orders are used for services where there may be multiple invoices up to the specified value

Make sure you have a 10 digit purchase order number and quote this on the invoice. We will return the invoice to you unpaid if a purchase order number is not stated.

Your purchase order will be sent to the email address you have provided. Where an email address is not available, we will post the purchase order as per the instructions on your supplier account. Use the request change of details form if you want to add or change an email or postal address. You can view or change the details on your supplier account using Supplier Self Service.

Checking the purchase order

If any information on the purchase order is incorrect or requires amending, you should contact the person named on the purchase order.

Only supply quantities or prices as per the purchase order. Make sure that everything you will invoice for is on the purchase order. This includes any delivery charges. A new purchase order will be required if extra goods or services are to be provided. If the prices on the order are incorrect, use the contact details on the purchase order to confirm the changes in price are agreed and will not cause a delay in payment.

We use automated systems to process invoices. The purchase order number is used to match your invoice with the purchase order. If the invoice and purchase order don't match exactly, manual intervention may delay payment. In some cases, payment may not be possible until a new purchase order is provided.